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  1. Hey Renegade, do I know you from GTAWH?
  2. I voted for Xbox version. I have played it on PS2, but just like the Xbox version better.
  3. Tommy V. I'd say. He just seems more relaxed in VC, more fun to play with. I think Tommy V. had a better life storyline too.
  4. Thats a pretty awesome new skin, but not something that would keep me there. What I like is a simple skin thats easy to navigate, and is a light color. But thats just me, I do like skins that look cool at first, but then, they can get tiring. Nice forum though
  5. Here's mine. I'll post the link. http://usera.imagecave.com/ilovefood/Desktop.PNG
  6. Good banner, but I don't really like the orange on the skin IMO. But I'm fine with it. Oh, I just noticed I could change it. I like the blue one, IMO, another would be cool.
  7. Lucky. Discounted Xbox 360 before it hits shelves. Anyways, stupid to brag like that, yeah.
  8. Umm, yeah. I while ago I've made an idiot of myself on GTAF, but thats not the usual me. ilovefood on GTAF.
  9. Hey. Might know me from alot of other forums as either NoName, or ilovefood. Joined here, because heard nothing but good (havn't heard much), but looks awesome.
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