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  1. I only did a barrel roll once in a AT-100, because I flew over restricted airspace then they shot my wing.
  2. He means on that mission that is the only time they hang on the back of your car.
  3. I was expecting the cops to hang on the back of your car when you get a wanted level. I guess they didn't have enough disk space.
  4. It's kinda tight, but it could be better.
  5. I think CJ would win because Sweet is a punk.
  6. autctually, Ceasar'sgang attack you Ceasers gang doesn't attack you they arev the ones in blue in San Fierro.
  7. Why are ya'll dissin' Carl? He's WAY better than Tommy. Carl can have more muscle than tommy, he has ALOT of people to have his back if he did start to lose, and he has more health than him. Even if he is a badass that ain't gonna mean squat once CJ gets his people. I mean he has Sweet and all of Grove Street, The Traids, And Ceasers gang to back him up. Who does Tommy have Mitch Bakers people and Ken's people(Mafia).
  8. I voted to run them over, especially with motorcycles because they fly real high in the air. I like to watch them fall to the ground.
  9. I like Diet Coke.(I'm on a diet trying to get me a six pack abs. No I'm not fatjust to let you know.)
  10. I'm listening to 50Cent Candyshop. "I take ya to the candyshop. I make ya suck da lollypop. Go head girl don't you stop. Keep going til' ya hit da spot. Whoa!" I love that song.
  11. To me it would look jiggy to have flames on sport cars.
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