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  1. Snowmobiles and ferries. How sweet is THAT!
  2. Me, I am going to steal an aircraft. I am just gonna be floating in space till one passes then I'm gonna break into the airlock. Ok, Chris, I have noticed something. These people are not stupid they are just money hungry. Wait they are stupid for thinking they could win the case, but it was a valiant effort because of all the bad press on the game. They had like a 50 to 1 chance of winning. Anyways, these people are just trying to sue something to make money. Like all of those mothers in the Michael Jackson trial. I bet Jacko is just a little wierd and wants deep inside to preserve his own childhood, I bet he didnt touch one little kid.
  3. I want it as big as they can get it while making it as detailed as all the other games for PS3.
  4. I am enraged. This is a frolicking terrible idea. Ok, this guy is a POL-I-TICIAN are you insane?!! It's like being George Bush, he's corrupt and you know it.
  5. Dude, it wasnt you so dont apologize. It was life that pissed him off.
  6. Lmao...or possible...you really are a funny guy...Tommy.
  7. Yea sry about calling you a moron. I didnt know who pissed him off because as I looked up the the thread i saw no offensive content.
  8. Dont listen to him hes a moron, Spaz. My mom's a bitch too. But you dont have to take it out on the kid that made controls. He's just making a post. I mean I see no way that it was offensive to you. I these are not AOL kiddys. We are all in this together. We post on these sites because we love Grand Theft Auto and anyone who has actually registered for this Forum knows what theyre doing to some extent maybe not to yours or mine,(I'm a programmer/mapper) but he still deserves the same respect that you do.
  9. Spaz why are you so angry. Yea, it was simple to make up controls but thats what the forum is for. You dont gotta go and make fun of the kid.
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