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  1. Yeah, the worst part is that I actually think I agree with you (on the case of Wichtia being better). I hate making a video worse then the last one, I'm sepose to top the last. Sadly, I wasn't as motivated as I was when making Wichita. But anyway, the stunts were harder and better, and I don't think anyone has even done a spin inside a tunnel before. So at least I presented something new to the audience and that's also very important to me. yeah, open the .rar file with WinRar as Chris said.
  2. Thanks guys! I was trying to be alittle more subtle this time, not going overboard with fancy screaming-orange effects. And the name means 'damnit' in norwegian (yes, I'm norwegian). I got the name Wichita after seing a documentary film on BTK-killer (Bind-Torture-Kill) who killed 7 people (I think) in the Wichita area. So, Wichita is a city. I just tought it sound cool. About the stunts. I don't really think people appreciate how hard most of the stunts in the video are. Stunts like loops over and under a bridge in the big jetplane (not the Hydra) needs a few go's. Spins inside a narrow tunnel is even harder. The last stunt is the most narrow tunnel I've ever done. Anyway, thanks for the comments, I'm glad you thought it was ok Oh, about the song. I knew it was a risky song seing it was in norwegian and all, but I just can't edit a video with a song I don't like so I chose that one. Remember music is universal. I think you'll allways have to approach my videos with an open mind.
  3. That bold pedestrian on the Strip!! Rock on!!
  4. Well, I'm not too sure about the fact that all stunters are kinda boikotting Sa. The audience (the one that doesn't stunt) will completly forget about them, since it will consentrate all about the latest game, San Andreas. So, I thin it's great that they like it that much, but to just forget about the new game isn't such a good idea, if you ask me.
  5. Bike stunts in Sa, sucky. AA stunts in Sa great!
  6. Yeah, it was about 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I'm still a mod so please remove my moderator thingys.
  7. Well, if you guys didn't know, I sent a Pm to one of the mods (don't remember who, but I think it might have been Spasmodically_Insane) saying I quit Sorry
  8. Hehe, that's one tragic looking picture Hehe
  9. Yeah, but there's more crews then only those 3 though, but they do not hav etheir own crew forum at gtas.com. Like TMS and XSA.
  10. Hehe, thanks, but no, I'm not in a crew, nor will I ever be. Unless it's the Ats that is. At the buttom of the forum theres a "crew network" ask them there
  11. Make a GOOD stunt video, and send it in for audition on gtastunting.com. The stunt video HAS TO be very good though to get into those crews.
  12. Good luck everyone! I'd join, but I don't have Vice City anymore
  13. I used Vegas 6.0b to edit it. I just put the same clip on top of eachother and put in some orange effects in all the clips. Then I just played around with the thingy that makes your clip "cut", "Multiply", "Burn", "Dodge", you know?
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