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  1. cragga_lfc

    20 single player races

    ta mate - ill give that a go then until i get all 20 done - ball aching achievement this though.
  2. cragga_lfc

    20 single player races

    ta mate ill give this a go then ill go to each island and do top middle and bottom can call brucie and see how i get on then i have heard somewhere there are only 9 races but you do them over and over again is this true? also are there any boat races i have to do? cheers mate
  3. i have only done 7 but whenever i call bruice for a race he never has any races on for me – I have just done all 30 cars aswell for Stevie so I was wondering when do all these races become available as I need to do more – also not lost one so I have only done 7
  4. cragga_lfc

    You Got The Message Achievement

    sorry chaps i know now - your instructions are not helpful at all lol i have to do the first mission on the third island and complete brucie's missions - that is when i get the text cheers anyway
  5. cragga_lfc

    You Got The Message Achievement

    already done those cars. so where is this text i should get? do i get a call or text?
  6. You Got The Message Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.20 points i haven't had any texts off stevie yet for this mission and i have just completed all the assassin missions in the game (i.e. those missions have only just appeared and i have done them all) should i look on my phone for him and call him if there or am i not far enough in the game yet for these cars? cheers i.e. got this map Thanks *Gl0bal06* http://img366.imageshack.us/my.php?image=car1maplc3.jpg
  7. cragga_lfc

    Rolled Over

    go to the airport get any car you like and make sure it is brand new - then stay in this car go to the run way and make sure you hit the yellow caution sign with two wheels you may only get 1 or 2 rolls but then stay in the car and keep doing it - i think it took me about 3 goes and i got the achievement there is a glitch to this achievement when trying it out just keep doing it search on youtube for it - it is on there mate
  8. cragga_lfc


    i went on that last night and posted to date them all lol do i have to check my emails for responses then? thought it would be funny banging a few birds at once lol
  9. cragga_lfc

    One Man Army (TIP)

    easiest method get a helicopter and fly over the third island - immediate 6 stars and just fly high for 5 mins dead simple
  10. cragga_lfc

    Dial B for Bomb

    nice idea but i aint got any grenades and i cant buy the RPG yet so i am a bit screwed then until i get those unlocked
  11. cragga_lfc

    under the radar

    did this last night piece of piss actually just gave myself 5 minutes to practice in the helicoptour and did it first time but the last bridge on the third island is the hardest one to find and the second bridge between the first and second island was the toughest but nice one anyway
  12. cragga_lfc


    nice one mate that makes sense as i did the other 10 on the second island last night ta
  13. cragga_lfc

    4 Stars Evasion methods

    yeah mate it is the easiest method - but look on youtube as there is a glitch to do the 5 rolls easier method get a car and bomb down the airport run way then clip the yellow caution sign and you'll prob do about 2 rolls, then in the same car do this again another 2 rolls and then again and you'll get the achievement - but make sure you get a brand new car before doing this as the achievement is only gained in the same car as for the 4 stars just try and out run them on the run way - easier on a motorbike mate
  14. cragga_lfc

    under the radar

    i can do this but how many bridges are there that i need to go under? cheers also any tips as i tried this last night and kept crashing into the bridges being too scared to put the helicopter in the water also with me having the third island still locked if i do those bridges i get 6 stars straight away any tips
  15. cragga_lfc

    No missions after "Holland Play"?

    why dont you concentrate on other achievements like the helitours or blowing up 10 cars maybe doing something else may prod you to get a call