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  1. Bigger but I'd still like more building and places to go into. Definitly keep the countryside/desert stuff as well.
  2. Hey all, I decided to play GTA 3 again as I got bored of San Andreas. But I got to the Bomb Da Base Act 2 mission and couldn't do it. I done it last time I played the game (ages ago) but no i just can't do it. I sniper the people at the front, then start on everyone else on the ship but then 8-Ball dies without me even knowing (until Mission Failed comes up of course) Any tips would be appreaciated. Even though this is till an early mission I can't do it!
  3. While I'd like for the next one to stay in the U.S i think they're running out of good U.S cities to base it on. Japan would be quite good, thoug lots of writing in the game (shops names, restaraunts, trains etc.) would have to be in Japanese and that might detract a little. How about GTA Australia?
  4. I got two questions to do with the police in SA. First, anyone know where you can steal a police helicopter? I can only find a normal maverick, not a police one. And anyone know the reason why Rockstar didn't give an interior to the San Fierro police station even though they did to the Los Santos, Las Venturas and countryside one? Small questions but anyone know the answer?
  5. Hey all, I've completed all the story mission and a few side missions. I went back to Grove Street to Sweet's house and noticed that the basketball was gone! I went over into East Los Santos and the basketball in that double court was gone as well! Is there any reason for this? Anything to do with completing the game?
  6. While I don't think you should run a whole life like get married or have children or anything like that they could make the whole city and pedestrains be more realistic like... -Pedestrains maybe go into shops, have a look around and maybe take something to the counter. -Pedestrains call taxi's and get in them (same with busses.) -They still get on and off the train even when you're driving (I noticed that they don't when you steal a train.) -And they go to the airport and get on a plan or something. Something that I didn't like about SA is that you couldn't go into the airport. They should make a huge airport for GTA 4 where you can explore around it all and get on and drive jumbo jets that way. Also, more shops and food places. You can build a buisness like cargo shipping or casino. More arcade games. And huge ferries that you could drive! That'd be cool! BTW, I really hope they don't make a fuel limit thing because that would get annoying. Imagine you're in a street race wagering couple of thousand dollars and all of sudden your fuel goes out! I'd get really annoyed by that.
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