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  1. you just hate IV dont you? Every time you dont understand something you blame the game.

    Kinda ReTaRtEd

  2. Do you really think Rockstar cares? They know themselves better than anyone else does... They only care about profit like everyone else. But I don't blame them, it is the way the world works. As long as people line up for miles outside waiting till midnight it will continue... Rockstar will become another EA soon enough if they don't get bought out by EA. Success always brings about the nasty "business" side and overhead that is bureaucracy. Wealth does not exists in a vacuum, it is an exchange from the poor to the rich. The fans and gamers are the ones at the base propping up the success of Rockstar and GTAIV to the top of the food chain. They are enslaving you slowly but surely and you are loving them for it. The best way to control a peoples is to have them build their own coffins. Exactly what is happening know. The reviewers were all bought out and everyone and their dog is drinking the Kool-Aid P.S. And please don't tell me just because I can't make a game better than GTAIV I shouldn't be complaining. GTAIV was the collective work of hundreds of people over many years. They might have put in 100 mil for the development of the game, but they made all that back and more within days of release. That is plenty lucrative return on investment if you ask me. My point is the hype is not justified by the delivery. This game did not and does not deserve a perfect 10/10! Take notice that there are plenty of other games that when it first came out was also the "best of its time" that never received such universally acclaimed perfect score and high marks.. So what explains the bias? Can someone connect the dots here? Please don't change the subject..
  3. For all of you pundits out there, please someone (anyone) answer these questions for me without giving me the roundabout or explaining away the situation: 1. Why is it that the Official GTAIV manual by R* never once mentions the need or ability to HOLD down the UP bottom on the D-pad to retrieve the cellphone when Niko has a whole lot of other weapons in his arsenal? The manual mentions HOLD alternative for many other buttons and functions, but NOT for the UP button. But it is plainly obvious that when Niko has a whole lot of guns and he is in a firefight, just PRESSING the UP bottom alone is NOT going to directly pull out his cellphone... So for a 100 million dollar development game (or so you guys want to fool yourself thinking) they couldn't get the manual right??? 2. Why is it that IGN (and SO MANY OTHER SITES) give GTAIV a perfect 10 with regards to solely the GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT. Again I am ONLY TALKING ABOUT GRAPHICS. Why did IGN review give GTAIV better and higher marks in graphics than Crysis or Assassin Creed and many other titles! Please explain this rationally why don't you? 3. Why has no one else here tried to go to PlayboyX balcony with a sniper rifle at night time. Zoomed in way into the far distant at a building or bridge, and then immediately get rid of the weapon and look back at the Niko character to see that the chairs, tables, stands, and plants and umbrella behind him just magically popped in out of nowhere when there was nothing a moment ago? In fact you can repeat this as many times as you wish in one setting, the game erases objects as close as two or three FEET away when he is doing something else, just to plant them back once Niko focus on his immediately surroundings again... Not rendering objects 100's of feet away can be understood, but objects right next to you should never disappear.. This is poor engine design ANY WAY YOU PUT IT. NO Excuse. 4. Why does the so called SMART Camera FORCE you to view its intended (and often idiotic) camera angles without the option to turn this off in the settings menu? Why does the game treat everyone like noobs and forces the camera to fight with the gamer and always perpetually re-orientate (OMG is that a BIG WORD? Am I being POMPOUS?? or maybe just facetious? ) forwards when it comes to preferred camera angles? 5. If you are going to do cheats why not do it right? Why is there no GOD MODE? Why can't we TURN OFF COPS? and more annoyingly, why does the route of doing cheats require something that will most likely piss a lot of people off because cellphones get knocked out just as you are about to punch in a cheat? Is Rockstar mocking us? All the more reason to have a simple and clean GOD MODE and get it over with... What use is a open world game when you can't truly mess around (memory limitations) and you get watered down cheats? (what is so hard about GOD MODE?, esp when the developers knew beforehand the stupid phone getting knocked out by cops bullets will cap the amount of fun and make using cheats nothing but a stupid chore, esp if we just want to cause mayhem in the city, without the ability to turn cops off and having the cheats menu tied in with the stupid cell phone interface that can get shoot off by the cops that you can't turn off is just annoying layered upon annoying and killing any fun!!! I wasted $65 USD) 6. Why does everyone here blindly support the propaganda and hype, and no one dare challenges the status quo? Is the sheeple of the console gaming world this blindly subservient to their conglomerate masters and corporate overlords that they would dismiss any criticisms of their holy grail (that really upon closer inspection isn't) ? We all agree this game is far far from being "perfect". Why is it given perfect marks by the reviewers? Am I the only person on here that has a gut feeling this time around the reviewers collectively and tacitly gave in and jumped in on the GTAIV hype bandwagon? Come on people, wake up.. Something doesn't smell right and you know it too..
  4. Kill yourself, immediately.

  5. Uhm I dunno what you mean by JT?? This is the truth, I am giving my opinion of the gameplay. I find it BS how ever reviewer give this game 10/10.. Like how this graphics portion of GTAIV is HIGHER than Crysis or Assassins Creed? That has BS written all over it.
  6. Second Glance Exposes the Cracks in the Facade of the GTAIV Hype and Propaganda Let me be honest with you from the start. I bought this game (GTAIV) from gamestop for the Xbox360 for basically one reason only. I have played very little if any of the formal GTA series and generally have no great inclination for this genre. I bought it because of the hype and propaganda of GTAIV being a true Next Generation video game experience that borderlines being cinematic, with an living breathing 24/7 city that never sleep and artificially intelligent citizens, etc... There is no doubt this is a good game overall. Liberty City IS huge, it is fun to drive around, and there are a lot of people, cars, and unique places. There is plenty to see (sightseeing) and it is a very "dense" city in that there are not a whole lot of open spaces with "emptiness". However, sadly, but realistically, that is about where the good parts of this game comes to an abrupt end and the bad parts take over... What is wrong with GTAIV? So many things. This game gets so many basic fundamental things wrong, there are more bugs, glitches, and flaws than any other game for any platform that I have ever played before (with exception of maybe Superman game for N64) there are so many mechanical flaws that directly kill any enjoyment one could have obtained from the game and makes GTAIV nothing but a "chore" to play.. Let me critic the single player aspect first. There is NO storyline. I don't know what everyone else is talking about when they say there is a dynamic plot and no two missions are ever the same... Everyone else must be drinking the collective GTAIV/Rockstar Kool-aid because the missions in this game are truly as linear as they get.. After finishing the game I was throughly disappointed by the entire attempt of single player. Each mission is just the same, go find someone, take them out, repeat... There is no point... You don't feel like you are a part of something greater, you are treated by the game as some mindless bot that is instructed to do this.. do that.. go here.. kill this person... kill that person... chase after him... etc... If you've played any other GTA, you've played them all.... GTAIV has nothing good and brings nothing new to the table... As for multiplayer? O. K. What multiplayer? I have yet to successfully connect to GTAIV's so called multiplayer.. Each time I get almost in just to repeated get disconnected again and again. I feel genuinely cheated of my $65 bucks to tell you the truth. Why can't we at least play split screen? Too much demand on the engine or xbox? Well we could do this in previous games, so this is somewhat of a downgrade? How is this "next generation"? How is not having features due to technological limitations (especially if we previously had them) called "progress"? And from the videos I saw multiplayer experience in GTAIV is hit and miss at best... But it was a total catastrophe for me since it never once worked... And to top it all of, the game would waste 15 seconds to reload each time I became disconnected just to go back to the so very unintuitive multiplayer screen again. Many people have complained that the driving in GTAIV is very unintuitive and painful. While this is true, they missed something even more torturous in this game. The walking. Yes I said walking. If you plan to do any amount of walking in this game you will realize that it is almost impossible to walk. It is impossible to not repeated bump into walls, miss the doors you intend to go through, basically the control is not fluid and has zero finesse whatsoever. Your character feels like a retarded piece of brick instead of a real human being. The so called smart camera is about as dumb as it gets. Many times it fights with you and forces you to view from an impossible angle and refused to cooperate with the player.. When you are driving a car and trying to make a turn the camera forces you to look from an angle least appropriate for making the turn, ensuring you will hit a wall or something else and killing the game play experience. And to make it worse there is no way to turn this so called smart camera off! Can you say LAME? Cars and people disappear in liberty city if you don't look at them. What is the point of an open world if nothing you do matters at all? I mean if you kill a man on the street and walk 10 feet to get in a car to try to run him over with your wheels and have some fun, you would expect the dead man to still be there by the time you turned your car around right? WRONG. The game engine randomly and preemptively "erases" objects (people, vehicles, effects, weapons, etc) in the game to save memory or some system resources or something... Your "interaction" and "changes" are erases almost as quickly as you make them. If you park your car on the street, turn around and walk about 20 feet, odds are your car is "gone" because the game erased it to save memory space... This is beyond pathetic! No other game is as gay when it comes to this as GTAIV... Just this one critical fatal flaw along means this game is poor quality and not worth playing at all! It kills every ounce of immersion and realism that the creators so hyped it up to be... Controls don't work half the time! I was walking pass patrol cops in route to a yellow taxi cab. I was 100% sure I held down the yellow button to rid the taxi as a passenger. Guess what? My character Niko not only doesn't go into the taxi as a passenger he takes about 10 steps BACKWARDS, he proceeds to turn around, and tries the handle on the cop car and then whacks the window of the patrol vehicle and instantly gets himself a wanted level! To make it worse during the five seconds of pure idiotacracy displayed by the game I was unable to control my character, it was as if he went on autopilot so I couldn't stop him from making the stupid mistake of trying to jack a cop car. Believe it or not, I wanted to take out a gun and get rid of the cops, but it took me a few extra precious seconds wasted by trying to cycling between the weapons (grenade and rpg are not the best choice for close combat!) and to top it all of when I finally found the weapon I needed Packie (in game character) calls me on the phone (at the MOST inopportune time in gaming history mind you) and Niko (my character) gets arrested!! I mean can you believe this stupidity ! If you buy or rent this game, this is the kind of thing you will have to put up with time and time again whether you like it or not... Graphics. Graphics in this game is HORRIBLE. That is an understatement. Seriously GTAIV graphics look worse than Microsoft Midtown Madness of almost a decade ago! The graphics in this game is so horribly blurry I seriously thought I didn't put my glasses on or something! There is no use in getting a HDTV for this game. You might as well play on a 19" inch Black and White CRT TV from the 70's and you won't notice a bit of difference! And Texture and Geometry popin seriously kills the game experience big time! Even when I am walking in liberty city there are times when the texture's on the walls take about 5 seconds to load/pop in after I came to a complete stop and stare at the wall! When I am driving fast down the underground tunnels everything before me is one gray blob of nothing (because the game can't load the data in time)... Trees, garbage cans, people, cars come out of nowhere and disappear when you turn around to look at them again, only to re-pop in a second later ! And when I use a sniper and zoom in, the buildings and textures seriously look 100 times worse than the textures of say Nintendo 64 of the past. There was a time when I was driving and came to a stop at the side of the road, parked my car and got out of it... Then this tree appears out of the middle of nowhere right smack in the center of my car! And this tree had the most horrible 2-D looking sprite the likes of which I have never seen before! I try to erase such a embarrassment from my mind and proceed to go to a nearby entertainment spot and enjoy myself. After about 2 minutes of the mini-game (which get boring real real fast btw.. so its not a selling point of the game) I came out thinking how on earth I was going to get my car out of the tree... Only to realize hey.. my car isn't there anymore! The game erased it.. again... Overall this is one of the worst games I have ever played in a long long time. The controls are counterintuitive. The driving is poor and the walking is made impossible frustrating. The graphics are seriously lacking, the textures are so blurry and take forever to load even when the character is just walking slowly on the streets. On helicopter rides entire buildings and neighborhoods don't pop-in until you get about 10 feet off the ground! (shamefully really...). The controls not only don't respond about 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time the character does exactly the opposite of what you are trying to have him do! There is never anything (cop, taxi, traffic, etc) when you really need one, and always a bunch of superfluous fluff when you wished it wasn't there or that it got out of your way. There is no single player mode or plot/story.. It feels like just one mindless repetitive killing spree after another. The multiplayer is so sporadic that it might as well not be there anyway. There is no sense of immersion. The characters are so "robot" it isn't even funny. Some mission motorbike chases take many tries to be successful partially because of the counterintuitive controls and handling in the game, and partially because of artificially restricting mission scripts that won't let you get too close or far away from the target at any one time, all of it make so much worse by no checkpoint of saving system. If you lose you have to start over two missions prior! And the loading on the xbox360 is very slow despite what the hype and propaganda machine wants you to believe. When you get into a car all of a sudden every other car on the street is the exact same as your car! When you fly in a helicopter there are no cars and people on the streets whatsoever! Even when you land you see a desolate ghost town.. But then a second later you get hit by an assault of 10 cars that just mysteriously came out of nowhere! So much for looking both ways before you cross the street! Logic doesn't work in a game that operates on dynamic on-the-fly cheating and corner cutting tactics to make you believe the city is so big and blah blah blah.. The worst part is, there is nothing left to do in Liberty City. All the sites, vehicles, and weapons get old real fast! There are no bicycles, no tanks, no airplanes, no nothing! (plus the game is so slow if they had an airplane I bet the city would look like a flat surface LOL!) There is nothing interactive in the game at all! All the cool weapons and stuff in previous GTA's and in Saints Row have been stripped out and we are left with a bare bone game with nothing fun to play with at all! heck we can't even skydive in the game anymore! And to make it worse, the framerates are SLOW! It feels like I am trying to play Crysis on an old 286 PC machine or something... I swear after about an hour of playing this game your Xbox machine will generate so much heat it could be used as a heater in the winter! LOL.. And you can forget fun firefights.. The only thing you will be fighting is the controls, the sluggish interface, the counterintuitive "logic" of the GTAIV world, and the all but nonexistent framerates... So do yourself a favor and stay FAR FAR AWAY from this so called masterpiece game. Save your money, time, resources, and life. Go outside and enjoy the real city. At least trees won't pop out of nowhere and cars would disappear and make you think you are losing your eyesight and your mind. This to me is the prime example and epitome of a miserable failure at true gameplay experience while the best propaganda and false flag operation of its time!
  7. HELP! I am stuck at the "That Special Someone" mission and there is nothing else to do! I can't PROGRESS in the game and I have played around for about one in game MONTH already! I have slept, saved, reloaded, changed cloths, called all my contacts, did as much side missions as I can... I have checked my email, my text messages, etc.... No use! I can't continue the story plot.. I have 100% sure this is a major GLITCH in GTAIV... IS THERE A WAY TO FIX IT without starting over? I always OVERWRITE my slots for manual saves so I didn't have previous saves to turn back too.... ALL i do get is stupid f*cking packie calling my cell every two f*cking seconds about kinapping some guido bitch for his mother but there ain't sh*t on the map to go to and no missions to do, and based on the f*cked up stats area it says packie missions 100% but the gay motherf*cker won't stop calling me every two nanoseconds... so much for AI and immersion my f*cking ass.. f*ck rockstar.. they can't even afford a beta tester or somesh*t? HOW can Rockstar deliver such a piss ass quality piece of sh*t! I mean I have the xbox360 with harddrive.. Isn't this supposed THE system they coded it for??? Why they charge me $65 US falling dollars for a piece of sh*t they didn't even test enough to know that it won't play till the end???? This is not the first time I have major glitch, right off the boat the fourth mission would LOADING .... .... ... .... ... for f*cking EVERZ and I would reboot xbox360 a dozen times no use... Finally I found out a way around it by playing other missions first and then returning to it... I have noticed so many major catastrophic glitches, bugs, and piss poor top down structure programming in this game its not even funny! How can the reviewers give this piece of sh*t a 10/10 if it won' t even play all the way to the end!!! R* must have used the 50 mil Microshaft gave them to buy everyone out! PM
  8. Hello all, Here is my situation. In 2006 I bought a xbox360 just to play superman returns because I thought the whole "living breathing city with 9,000 buildings and full citizens of metropilos, and flying sonic boom etc " would be cool.. Turns out the EA scamster ate my $65 + $399 US bucks faster than you can say "speeding bullet"... Needless to say I didn't touch my xbox after that for long long time... Now comes along GTAIV, I didn't want to shell out another $399 for a PS3 (even if it has full 1080p bluray playback), but I read all the online reviews and seems like GTAIV lives up to the hype for the most part as far as "living breathing city" etc goes... I have finished the single player but I want to play online.... I don't want to shell out for a full years subscription... I been hearing lots of people get one month free live GOLD codes with purchase. I got mine GTAIV at gamespot and it was sealed tight, I looked very carefull but no CODES, I didn't get invitation for free OnE month? Why not?????? Do someone here know if this is a packaging mistake or something? In fact I could never get the supposedly 6 month free GOLD with purchase of Xbox360 to work either and given up trying to contact MS support about it... Does anyone have code for GTAIV one month trial they don't need and can email/pm to me? [email protected]
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