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  1. Grey

    what to do when bored

    I love flying around seeing just what insane stuff I can get a Helicopter to do, and I also love exploring the map finding all the cool stuff that is hidden around the place.
  2. Grey

    Whats missing that you wanted

    I miss - Police Motorbikes - Police Uniforms (although not finished so not sure if they are in there somewhere like you could get in Vice City) - Ambulance and Fire Truck Missions - Stadium Events - Motorbike Tricks like in Vice City - Being able to buy businesses and new houses - Car Customisation - I miss the ton of clothing and accessory options that San Andreas had. - Swimming underwater - Push Bikes and the races and missions you could do with them (Mount Chilad for example) - Flame Throwers But I have to say I think GTA4 is the new begining for GTA on the new consoles, just the same as GTA3 was for the ps2 when it was released. I think so much will come in the next lot of sequels to fill all our cravings for GTA that we probably dont have to worry. I think Rockstar has VERY big plans for the next lot of GTA games.
  3. Grey

    [COL] Cops Of Liberty

    Hi there I wouldnt mind joining up with you guys as this sounds pretty cool. My PSN is "diangelogrey". I am very interested in flying air support and stuff like that, but I love all aspects of the game.
  4. Howdy all I am new to the forums and thought I would post and see if there are many Australians here? I am interested in playing GTA4 multiplayer with people who want more then to just blast people at spawn points like I seem to find in Free Play pickup games and am very interested in getting into some good coop teams and stuff. I have the US release of GTA4 for PS3 and I am not sure if the servers work to regions like they do for games like Motorstorm. I guess considering the hours I am on if I can find a group of Australians to play with that would be a big bonus. If anyone would like to add me to there friends list my PSN is: diangelogrey I also have a headset as well albeit a pretty crap one.