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    GTA 4 PC version discussion

    GTA IV PC release date One eagle-eyed reader of our blog a release date for GTA 4 for pc has been spotted in the manual of the Xbox 360 version of GTAIV. Apparently on 13th December 2008 Niko and Roman will be finding a place on your Windows start menu just in time for the Christmas. No details on what additional GTA4 PC version features will be included, if it will be a Vista-only release or what minimum hardware will be required - but best put in a word to Santa for the latest Alienware hardware just in case. .......btw my m8 got GTA 4 PC version but dunno how......in few days i sholud get it then i post somting cool-............. System:Intel Quad core 3.0 GHZ 4 GB DDR2 RAM 2xGForce 8600 GTx 512 mb 250 HDD I think he can run it xD ,,,so me 2