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  1. What do you mean by saw it coming?

  2. Bring the minigun and M60 back.
  3. I think they started spelling the name correctly, and things sorta took off from there.
  4. Will 550W be sufficient to run an HD 4870, 2 120MM fans, and everything else?
  5. It's possible you just got a faulty copy, I don't know. I've got faulty stuff from Steam which wouldn't install and had to re-purchase the game. Maybe a crack would be in order, if the game [that you purchased] isn't letting you play...the game.
  6. Right click on the GTA icon, go to properties, click the "compatibility" tab, see if there is anything checked that says "run this program as administrator", and uncheck it.
  7. Heres some of what the people said. "You need to install the Visual C++ 2005 redistributable. " "I had the same problem so i emailed securom, they sent a reply saying that the error means that the gta4 exec has been changed in some way. So i did a reinstall and same prob but noticed i had the shield symbol on the gta icon (run this program as administrator) dont know why that was ticked under compatability via properties. Unticked and finally worked." "Install all the exe's and the one msi file that is in your first DvD (DvDDRIVE:\GTAIV\Redistributable\*.exe) This SHOULD get rid of that issue." "It is in your DvD. Right click -> open. to access the dvd instead of autorun. The address is given above. I hope you know what letter is ur dvd drive in." Hope this was helpful..
  8. you know, typing the error into google got me atleast 10 answers to the problem. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=S...mp;aq=f&oq=
  9. Fuck, something just hit me, guys. My Mobo will be SLI, and I've chosen an ATi card...I guess I'm going to have to change to Nvidia. I almost have about 620 dollars which is enough for a computer + monitor. My GPU price range is 280. Should I get a GTX 260 or a 9800GT or something else? I have no idea about Nvidia cards...I guess I better research
  10. Her 6 fingers on her lolipop hand still freak me out.
  11. I know in VC there was a mod to make the replay times 2 minutes.
  12. Very good. Mostly medium settings, some on high.
  13. The problem with the pirated versions will probably be fixed by some code wizard. Personally, I'll pirate a game, and if I like it, I'll buy the factory copy.
  14. That's strange, I have the same video card as you, yet yours has 1GB of video memory. I'm afraid, if you had the same graphics card as me, but DX is having some glitch, you and I won't be able to play GTA4. A 9600GT will play it fine.
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