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  1. in order to play lost and dammed or the ballad of gay tony or are they sprate cd/games.
  2. There is 21 houses in the game total 1 of them is won on a ticket, now my problem is I have all the houses including the prize house and in my stats it says i have only 20 houses and there are no more houses on the map. is this a glitch or is there another house to win from the ticket or what please reply.
  3. Damn Can't believe he's really dead I loved Thriller and Billy Jean Damn this is such a shocker
  4. Both A.ZR-350 and B.Euros (afther all the missions have been complteted to fill the abandon air strip) How many planes and helicopters are at the abandon air strip?? 3planes 2 helicopters After you complete the import/Export What are all the bonus vehicles you can buy and their price
  5. whitch of these is a car on the import/export board A. Zr-350 B.Euros C.Hotknife
  6. At the end of the game you unlock the rhino I was wondering before I spend 10000 on it if it will fit in any of the safe house garages. And if so which ones. because every time I get a big vehicle the garages say there to big.
  7. At the moment 4DR:sultun,vincent 2DR:Futo GT,forci Sports: sultun RS,Turismo Misc:Mr.Tasty,Romero Muscle:Dukes Aircraft:Mavrick
  8. Nice find man, I wonder what else you can do with the touch screen Can't Wait For March!
  9. Lets see what kind of pets you own. I have a Americain short hair (BLACK) cat Female Don't have a didgital camera so can't post a Pic of her.
  10. What retard would I have to be to think three year olds would be opening this up on Christmas day, and the parents saying "you sell as much coke as you want " Agreed?
  11. Theses are my dream cars 1993-97 Tyota supra http://www.mkiv.com/mkiv_gallery/mkiv_gall...20Wallpaper.jpg 2008 dodge challanger SRT-8 (in tor red) http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3222/297089...ab790e5.jpg?v=0 AND my ultimite Dream car is the 1970 PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER SUPERBIRD http://damox.com/cars/thumbs/Plymouth/1970...40_Six_Pack.jpg
  12. does it need to be a wireless DSL/Broadband for online play?
  13. I'm thing of getting Xboxlive this christmas and I know I need to have the adaptor but what els do I need? oh and do I need wireless high speed Internet connection(DSL)?
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