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  1. I watched the Győzike show. It`s a TV show on the hungarian RTL KLUB. It`s about a gipsy family, like Married with children , but it`s funniest, and it`s real! Here you can watch an episode of it. Link: http://www.rtlklub.hu/videotar/index.php?v...mp;search=Mehet It somebody wants to understand it, i will make subtitle for it.
  2. he don`t need to put in, because everyones love it.
  3. i know, congratulations to the www.gtamissions.com
  4. Yeah, that`s pretty good. But if I know it good, there is an other GTA Connection too, which is the part of the GTA Net, right? The name is good, but it`s taken ( :'(
  5. it`s cool. i think who made this artwork is professional
  6. Honestly, it sounds like some youtube video site yes, i think you have righ, then the GTA VIP, or Thug, or PunK, GTA Hooters. -which one is the best? or who helps me to guess a good name? has anyone a good tip?
  7. Thanks for the tips and for the links. But, I thought that, i will register on a pretty good free hungarian host, with 1gb web space and 100mb msql, (www.cwi.hu) and if i write in the browser the page`s url like this: www.users.cwi.hu/username, the banners, advertisments on the top of the page wont be apear. Fine huh? And if I register a free domain on the www.users.cwi.hu/username then will be the most fine , on the http://www.co.cc/ and it`s free and fair enough for me, until i buy a .com . GTA Tube how does it sounds ?
  8. sorry for double post yes, i make the designs myself for both sites, and in the future i will make sites to order to make some extra cash to i can but a brand new xbox 360 and an original gta iv and thanks. and it the and sorry for my bad english and if somebody knows a good writing corrector program that please write here down;) and if somebody knows a good free - domain and hosting website than please write the url down here
  9. i know that the first was better, but this will be a mod`s website. for that intention i think it`s good. yeah, you know it good, but there if somebody is asking something they always answer that "There is Google, or searching egines" or "You noob, shut up" or this type of answers, i see that they are very unpolite and uncivilized, and lazy to answer a question normally. Because that i went to this forum, and i hate all of them. If i do somthing they alway say that, you stoled that. Look at www.gtaplace.hu-s design, the footer of that page is acquaintance for me, cause i saw it somewhere in an other forums. Here i still don`t receive so unpolite answers . I think the western sites are more civilized like the eastern sites... And you know i`m living in romania and everybody hates me because i live romania and i`m hungarian, and anywhere hates me in the world because i live in romania, you know, this is the situation:( And until I wrote this answer it occurred to me that i will rename the hungarian gta series to something else and it will be a full english site because i think it will be better if more it can be see it and no just to see they will can read it too. If anyone wants to help me write me a pm or mail to [email protected].
  10. i have, a question again. So, now i made this design http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm153/h...llygtaivmod.png , Now i`m waiting for constructive criticism and tips, and an opinion.
  11. I reamade too the Naked Gun intro in San Andreas. Here`s. It`s not a very professional video but I think it`s good for fun http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5qbwb_ne...-gta-series_fun
  12. thx, now i gonna set of to slice it up, and to create the divs, then to make the css for the joomla(cms) and then i will show the complet website
  13. thanks, now the problem is that how i gonna slice it the orange bg to look it fine ?
  14. i made spider-vice`s tip, thx again spider-vice here is : http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm153/h...2008/full-1.png and, i think, the icons of the games will be like gtapro.com`s intro, so will be rotateable but, i don`t know to put arrows or don`t what do you think? if i don`t put arrows then i think i make to rotate it much faster, or woud it be better with arrows? but arrows don`t fit there, they are ugly and blatant. so, what do you think what woud be the most beautifull?
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