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  1. PeeWee i'd prefur you not to say shit about New Zealand. I have recently spent 3 weeks there for holiday and its a nice country and again these accusations about GTA: SA Being banned i have to doubt these ones aswell. NZ have a cable TV channel called Spice TV which shows Pornography like hardcore sex nothing is covered everything is shown not like the crappy Playboy channel. So if GTA: SA is going to banned i would suggest this channel would be banned aswell since its dedicated to SEX. And for you Conan fans HE SUCKS! his not funny his a redhead wanker who graduated harvard but couldnt get a real job so he made a shit TV program Cheers
  2. I seriosly doubt that advertisements for the game would still be floating around if it was banned. THe GTA SA game was hugely popular here and it is possible the game has sold out at certain stores. But i still go by its not banned based on advertisments and general Window SHopping. i work in the City and i walk past alot of shops on the way. If need be i will take my digital camera at some point in time and photograph it either on a shelf or on an advertisement. But i dont think i will have to. http://www.oflc.gov.au/content.html?n=44&p...o&record=197527 Im sure if the game was banned here this page would say so. The page simply says that This game is rated MA 15+ Rescricted which means by australian laws that this game cannot be Bought, Hired, Viewed, PLayed by peoples who are not 15+ Years of age. It simply is resctricted from peoples under the age of 15 and anyone caught selling this product to underage kids can be prosecuted. Much like smokes and alcohole
  3. I dont think london should be it sincec there was that that GTA London 69 or w/e plus it would to similar to The Getaway which is set in England london. I wouldnt mind them setting all the previous games together like a Huge Liberty - VS - SA game set in the yr 2000... Plus GTA would just feel wierd being set in another crountry apart from america. how would the story line continue sincee GTA3 - VC and SA were all connected in someway.
  4. Doesnt matter what game you buy your gonna get loading screens GTA SA did pretty good without having loading screens during gameplay unless you started a mission not like GTA VC... But i'd agree with most nothing like the sims please!
  5. I have no idea why you are still saying it got banned in australia for it hasnt. Trust me i live in Melbourne and i got proof. Today as i was setting home from work waiting for my tram(Street Cart) i looked up on a tram that had stopped to pick up passengers and noticed a Advertisment for GTA - SA now on xBox now if the game had been banned then there wouldnt be advertisments saying you can now buy it on xBox. These Tram advertisments are changed Monthly if not weekly so i doubt that these advertisments are out of date.
  6. Dont be cos as far as i know its not banned i've been to quite a few video game stores and video rental stores and its on the shelf .... not to worry for me anyways since i got myself a copy ages ago. i havnt seen anything on the news or in the papers or other gaming fanatics in australia about the game being banned.
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