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  1. Some of the items are up to $3000
  2. slam van, dune, stunt plane, jet max, monster
  3. my favorite mission would have to be are we going to san fierro? and end of the line because u get to kill that back staber big smoke and that cop
  4. At least 300 hours of gameplay with over 600 main story mission and haeps of side missions. There should be heaps and heaps of 100% rewards to make yourself get to 100%
  5. Dont forget about all the old gangs like in gta1,2 & 3 like rednecks, triads & the smileys
  6. There Should Be More Wanted Stars: 1 Star=Police Come After You With Nightsticks & Try To Arrest You Or You Could Pay A Fine 2 Star=Police Chase You In Cop Cars With Nightsticks & Try To Arrest You Or You Could Pay A Fine 3 Star=Police Use Pistols To Stop You & If They Fail To, They Ring Swat 4 Star=Swat Teams Arive In Enforcers Packing Tec's 5 Star=Swat Choppers Join In 6 Star=Fbi Arive In Ranchers Packing MP5's 7 Star=Fbi Choppers Join In 8 Star= State Police Arive In Infernuse's Packing AK-47's 9 Star=Army Arive In Barracks Packing M16's 10 Star=Armoured Patriots Arive With Grenade Luanchers Mounted On The Back 11 star=Army Choppers Join In Using Rocket Luanchers 12 Star=Army Arive In Rhino's Packing Mini Guns That Should Be Enough To Keep MOST Crime Down
  7. i just want to see what you dont want in the future gta games i dont want the game to be like the sims like Having bath, sleeping ect
  8. i like the ak-47 but the noise it makes is shit
  9. i thought the cars were pretty good my oly concern was the grapix
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