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  1. Arighty , Thank You very much , I did exactly what you did but replaced it with the "Hermes" Car and everything works fine now , thanks again
  2. Hey buddy , You need a program called Vice City Mod Manager , once u have that program all you do is put the .vcm file in the C:Program Files/vcmm/mods/vcm , then open the program , click on ur mod , click on install and choose the vehicle you want it to replace , there you go that should do it , try to find the vehicle u want to replace in the game before changing it , store it in a garage and save cause once the mod is on they can be quite hard to find
  3. Ok guys , now i thought i saw all the problem with mods but this one takes the cake , its a .vcm file so should work fine , I have 2 mods like this , the mod works , the vehicle is perfect with great details , but the one i use is a 2004 Dodge SRT-10 , small truck but in the game the truck takes the size of sumthing even bigger than the Coach bus , Im adding a screenshot , if anyone can help , check on the ground , the shadow in front and on back of the truck , thats the size that the truck takes
  4. hey guys , in vice city , just putting your mp3's in the mp3 folder in your grand theft auto folder , thats does it , after Wave 103 in the radio stations its the MP3 Player , u dont need winamp , i dont use it nemore and my mp3's play fine in the game
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