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  1. isukisuk

    What would you do if...?

    WTF you serious? WWYDI I came back?
  2. isukisuk

    Introduce Yourself..

    Not a new member but actually quite old. Just saying Hi on this account because I'm bored and don't want to spam on my other account. I'm the noob member that nobody remembers
  3. isukisuk

    Who is the UGLIEST guy?

    CJ because he reminds me of a banana. I hate bananas.
  4. isukisuk

    The Beautiful San Andreas

    Sweet!..San Andreas looks hell good on your comp
  5. isukisuk

    Dam, my friend is such a noob

  6. isukisuk

    The Ultimate GTA Poll

    Vice City is teh ownage of all GTA. The theme and everything sooo damn great.When i saw a boat i was like omfg!? A boat!!! I would drive around the beach and stuff....memmories...*sigh*
  7. isukisuk

    The Internet is for Porn

    lol i've seen this ages ago. I don't like it though compared to all the other funny videos in WoW.
  8. isukisuk

    Which MMORPG do you play?

    well WoW is MUCH better than GW if you think about it...i mean look at all the things you can do! The varieties!!! and You can't even Jump!? or go off edges... and im only a lvl 9 elementalist i just started!
  9. isukisuk

    Which MMORPG do you play?

    hmm i was just Wondering Which MMORPG does people play here.. I used to play WoW and now i got Guild Wars but kinda sucked comparing to WoW.
  10. isukisuk

    RATE Person above you

    nice avatar 7/10 love CS 9/10
  11. isukisuk

    Newest Sig

    mmm nice 7-8/10 it needs err..umm something lol
  12. isukisuk

    Sexiest Member 2005 Poll

    hmmm hard pick between the people Alright.....Chris n kokane
  13. isukisuk

    How fast is your CPU?

    3 GHz....BOOM
  14. isukisuk

    Three Word Story

    birds sucking their
  15. isukisuk

    Three Word Story

    in front of