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  1. I like to be risky, sure I've crashed my GTA a bit, but usually when I do something right it pays off greatly. I've got at least five cars with up-down lights. They all had to replace the ZR350 but I changed four of them succesfully and used the up-down lights mod to get them to work. I love it, makes the GTA enviornment more realistic.
  2. Dude, how do you think? Sticky notes...Car name, ID number for carspawner, Replaced car...Easy to follow. Stuck like, four giant sticky notes packed with text above my head so I can access the cars with carspawner.
  3. I KNEW I did everything right. I decided to momentarily delete my current Elegy car just to see the other cars body kit, and it STILL didn't work, prooving that the download is just shit...So there, problem solved. Find new car. My eyes are set on a BMW M3 tunable that I want to put in the place of a loco low car.
  4. Oh, forgot my Acura NSX that replaces the Infernus. Better go add that in. I have all of the car names-id number-and replaced name in that order on a bunch of sticky notes displayed above my head so I can use the car spawner to use them ingame if I'm too lazy to look for them. I'm such a GTA nerd.
  5. I just wanted an excuse to post all of my GTA SA mods...I have a lot, I might not be able to post them all for I keep forgetting what I change. If you want to find one in that pile of text quickly, I suggest CTRL-F and typing the GTA car name, or your desired car name. -Cars- Landstalker-Chevrolet Avalanche Bravura-BMW M3 Buffalo-Shelby Super Snake (Tunable in TF, two body kits, with savanna parts) Linerunner-Volvo FH16 Sentinel-BMW 320i Stretch-Cadillac Fleetwood Limosine Cheetah-Ferrari Testarossa Taxi-Chevrolet Caprice Washington-Mercedes Benz E500 Premier-Chevrolet Caprice Soliar-BMW 318i Touring Sabre-Plymouth Hemi Cuda ZR350-Mazda RX-7 (Working up-down lights) Regina-Hummer H3 Comet-Porcshe Cayman S Rancher-Chevrolet Blazer K5 Blista Compact-Ford Focus ST Elegant-AMC Matador Roadtrain-Navistar International Nebula-Toyota Avenger Majestic-Ford LTD Landau (Working up-down lights) Buccuneer-Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Tow Truck-Chevrolet C20 Towtruck Fortune-Lamborghini Murcialago Cadrona-Nissan Skyline R32 Feltzer-Mercedes Benz SL500 Remington-Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Tunable in TF, two body kits) Sadler-Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Sunrise-Subaru Legacy Merit-Mazda Speed 3 Uranus-Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (Tunable in TF, two body kits) Jester-Toyota Supra (Tunable in TF, two body kits) Sultan-Dodge Charger SRT-8 (Tunable in TF, two body kits) Stratum-Opel Vauhall Monaro (Tunabe in TF, two body kits) Elegy-Nissan Silvia (Tunable in TF, two body kits) Flash-Volkswagon Golf R32 (Tunable in TF, two body kits) Tahoma-Chrysler NYC Huntley-Mercedes Benz GL500 Emperor-Audi TT Quattro Alpha-Mustang 2003 Tampa-Pontiac GTO Windsor-BMW Z8 Petrol-Mercedes Benz Actros Admiral-Mercedes Benz Hermes-Honda Civic Vortex-Landing Craft Virgo-BMW 850i (Working up-down lights) Hotknife-Dodge Charger R/T (Not working up-down lights) Vinicent-Oldsmobile Cutlass Hustler-Corvette Stingray Picador-Chevrolet Monte Carlo Tornado-Nissan Skyline GT-R34 (Bodykit currently not working) Infernus-Acrua NSX All four trailers replaced with better versions -Police- San Fierro-Chevrolet Caprice Los Santos-Chevrolet Monte Carlo Las Venturas-Chevrolet Corvette -Planes- Hunter-Russian Kamov Black Shark Shamal-Jak-10 -Extra- Baggage replaced with a Scania Box Truck, attachable trailers. Bagboxb is a miniature connector that attaches to the Scania Boxville is a trailer that attaches to the connector Tugstair is a trailer you can immediatly attach to the Scania -Other- All TF spoilers replaced with NFS MW ones All Wheels replaced with NFS wheels Realisitic Lights mod being used New effects mod being used, weapons, smoke, water, and fire All ingame car names changed to the cars they are using All wheels, and TF parts have changed names Minimal crashing! I play on high resolution, display settings, and use anti-aliasing. -Problems- The streets, buildings, and extra items flicker for the first minute of playing and near the Doherty garage. Some garages get stuck closed. (not the tuning ones) Game HAS crashed before, but it's rare. The game will freeze, but if you wait awhile it goes to a black screen, then brings you back to the game no problems, happens when it's overloaded, but also rarely. Using a lot of cheats causes it to lag, I just use the anti-cop, unlimited bullets, and unlimited HP, and sometimes the empty streets code. If you see a car you like, I'll be happy to upload some screenshots of it, and I can upload the file to you. If you want to make the car replace a different one ingame, it's a simple process, just ask me.
  6. I'm not sure if I explained it clearly... The Tornado is a loco low car, so it has bumpers, skirts, and things like that. I also have the remington replaced with a C6 Corvette with two bodykits, and the Buffalo (not a loco low or wheel arch angel car) replaced with a shelby that uses the savanna parts for two body kits... I just downloaded a car that couldn't replace the elegy because I had a Nissan Silvia tunable in its place, so I changed the file names, readme files, part names, and double checked everything before and after replacing. I don't want to delete my other Nissan, but I like both of them because of their high quality. In transfender the parts show up, but it freezes before the preview and I can't go forward or back. It happened to me with a wheel pack, and I fixed that problem by reloading the TXT. I've done it with a lot of cars, like I have at least five cars that originaly were made to replace the ZR350, but I wanted all five in my game, so I just changed the names of the DFFs, TXTs, and the IDE, Handeling, Carmods, and Carcols lines so that GGMM would put the lines in the right place, then used the up down lights mod to make the lights work. The Nissan Skyline that I want to mod works perfectly, I just can't add the carmods. veh_mods is in order, all the parts are using the tornado.txt, all the names and files are in IMG editor, GGMM displays the car perfectly, and I can drive it in game. I don't know what the problem is.
  7. I've had mods crash because of SA-MP but not SA-MP crash from mods. You know what, forget SA-MP and just get MTA, it's way easier, works with mods, and smoother gameplay. Sure the garages and stores don't work, but they have car spawning programs, and a lot of extra goodies.
  8. It might be from that anti-cheat scan. As you can see, the server was just about to start scanning you for cheats and it crashed. I'm 0% shure that that's the problem because I'm not a pro when it comes to GTA crashes, but it might be something. You never know with computers these days.
  9. Um, does it have to be a mod? Why not just download a 100% saved game and go have your fun. I mean, if you don't mind. Some people like completing the game, in which case, continue looking for mods.
  10. Which ones do you need? I always make a WHOLE copy of my GTA San Andreas file, so I can always tap into there and replaces cars, dffs, txts, and a lot of documents. It helps when a mod crashes your game to try each file one at a time to see which one causes the problem. Oh, right, which weapon files do you need? I might have some spare time TOMORROW to extract, zip, and upload them. Going in for bed now, if my problem doesn't get fixed.
  11. You can skip paragraph one if you're short on time and dont want to read a lot. So I've completly used up all wheel arch angel cars. I'm obsessed with modding, I've replaced more than half the cars in my game and it still runs smoothly on high display settings, and so far I've managed to keep it without major bugs or crashes. I've even gotton two extra cars to equip body kits that couldn't before. Now, I recently downloaded a Nissan Skyline with body kit, and decided I wanted it to replace the Tornado, since it has modding parts I can use. I got the IDE, Handeling, and Carmods in. I went into the readme and replaced ELEGY with TORNADO, and its ID number so the game knows where to put the line. I got the DFF and TXT replaced, and the car runs beautifully in game. I renamed the tuning parts from fbmp_a_l1 (front bumper_wheel arch angels_elegy) to fbmp_lr_t1 (front bumper_loco low_tornado) etc etc to replace them. I'm also using modded spoilers, except one wasn't being used, so I changed the name of the spoiler to spl_b_mar_m and replaced that DFF, and went into veh_mods to make sure it was using the tornado txt instead of the vehicle txt. I got all the names correct, replaced the files needed, deleted the extra tuning parts, used the GTASA ultimate editor to change the cars name and check that all parts were added and make it compatible with transfender, I got EVERYTHING I needed, but the only and biggest problem is the ever infamous Transfender glitch. The problem I need help with, is that when I go into transfender to add the kit, it always freezes when I go to front bumper, rear bumper, exhaust, side skirt, or spoiler. If I accept any one of those, it brings me to the screen where it says "Slamin bumper", before the buy screen, and I can't press space to preview it, nor can I press enter to go back to the previous menu, and at that point, I have to press escape and load a new game in order for me to escape transfender. I'm really annoyed because I know I did everything correctly, checked and redid everything twice, used three programs to check if the car was using the right files, and if the files were replaced, and I've done it with other cars, so I have a 0% idea as to what has gone wrong. I even tried google to see if people were having the same problem but nothing came up. I need a serious pro here, just tell me what the problem could be and I'll check it out immediatly. I'll double check anything happily, I just want my parts to work...Somehow. All of my mods are from GTA-Worldmods.de
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