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    I like whateever you like. I am a designer/a gamer/ a n00ber. I am all of them. I like chatting. I like browsing too. So basically I am the same as you :)

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  1. Hey there to any of the old regulars who still happen to be here, and who remember me for one fuckup or the other. : P Hello to all the new members since then. Just wanted to know what you fellas do in GTA V after having completed the storyline. If this topic gets enough attention, we can build a cool little list of fun things to do and make it a sticky.
  2. Alvas.

    Windows 8

    I think that Windows 8 is great(or at least can be great), if MS pulls this off properly it might just bring the post-pc era. But 8 doesn't really work with a mouse, it wasn't made for that, touch is where it excels.
  3. TY! And actually, it was a black and white photo which I played around with and ended up with this.
  4. No matter how much I get away, I always get back here. That's the magic of TGTAP - about the community here. Just made this, thoughts? You can find this and more of my work at - http://alvasrawuther.deviantart.com/gallery/
  5. Alvas.


    I give you an A+ on your post. Excellent. Thanks, I even published it here - http://www.quietwrite.com/writing/83605/why-i-think-piracy-is-just Amen on that. Even Microsoft themselves admitted that XP won't be this popular if it wasn't for the warez groups. Yep, that too, is very much correct.
  6. Although being that it relies on user input ala-Wikipedia it is vunerable to having the sites mis-rated. Yes but it won't get piracy-promoting websites or such other hacking websites in trouble.
  7. @Huck: That is so because WOT relies much more on user provided data rather than virus/malware checks - which I think is more reliable. @DarkMeshy: WOT is one of the most used and most popular link safety checkers on the web. @Chris: I think you should consider contacting Mcafee and explain things to them. And maybe ask for a rescan.
  8. Alvas.


    Yeah and people should understand that. Piracy helps in giving power to the people.
  9. Alvas.


    My thoughts about piracy... Piracy, I think is important. It just cannot be done away with. Not everyone has the money to buy Photoshop(seriously $699?). Many do not even have the money to buy an original $10 book. But they can however get it very cheaply when it's pirated - same with software. What I am trying to say very clearly is that everyone doesn't have great money, but there are many who have got great talent in them. There are many great innovatives, creatives and revolutionaries out there waiting for there talents to be discovered. But they are going to need tools - software like Photoshop, like Dreamworks, like Final Cut. What makes great people come alive? Education and inspiring books - knowledge. Everyone should have the chance of reading an autobiography of a person like - Steve Jobs or maybe say, Hitler. Everyone doesn't have the money though. Piracy isn't really just about stealing, it's much more. More about education, more about spreading knowledge, more about giving the necessary tools that end up helping those who need them the most. Movies and music too play an important role in spreading knowledge. Piracy acts a way to create opportunities, to give chances to those who need them and in the process maybe even to those who don't. And all that companies get from piracy is loss, right? Wrong. Adobe wouldn't have anywhere near the revenue or installed base it has now if it's stuff(especially Photoshop) wasn't pirated enough. Piracy helps Adobe, it has admitted the fact itself a lot of times. And not just Adobe, it helps a lot of the other companies. Consider reading this article - http://piracy.ssrc.org/adobe-logic/. Really, if you look the other way - Piracy has much, much more advantages than disadvantages. Many famous authors openly support piracy. And they should, it may help millions and billions of people and may help in making the world a better place to be. So, those are just some of my own thoughts. I am welcome to criticism. Why History needs Piracy - http://technologizer...oftware-piracy/
  10. He never attempted to do anything like it. He teased him for being gay, the guy committed suicide.
  11. An eye for an eye never really changes anything. A rather long jail time for that guy won't really change people's attitude at all. The countries with the least number of criminals and criminal acts registered have the least penalties for criminal offenses. Maybe it is time for us to start wondering why. That he committed suicide was not entirely that guy's fault. And I say that again - especially since it wasn't like he had no other choice at all.
  12. He teased him quite a bit - and I agree that it was wrong. But suicide is a stupid thing to do already, and he can't be blamed because he committed suicide. Especially since it wasn't like he left him no other choice. Moreover as soon as he knew that he was deeply upset by it, he apologized.. He wasn't really responsible for the guy's suicide - I think. 1-2 years in prison is more than enough. 10 years would ruin his life. Nobody gained anything. And consider this article: http://www.punemirro...ybody-lost.html
  13. Source: http://www.mumbaimirror.com/article/4/20120318201203180208178084f94a856/Indian-student-guilty-of-hate-crime-Jurors.html
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