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  1. stubbsy

    "Learn to Fly" help

    Is there any way to skip the "learning to fly" mission after you purchase the airfield? I simply can't do the "circle the runway and land" bit, i crash every damn time, i've been stuck here for months and put the game away but now i'm back and still can't do it! I can't find a cheat code for the PC that lets you skip a mission, though i know there's one for the PS2... any ideas? stubbsy
  2. stubbsy

    Bike/Quadbike modifications

    So... just out of interest... what did that mean? Can i easily open this scm file or do i need a special reader for it?
  3. stubbsy

    Bike/Quadbike modifications

    basically, i want to make the bike similar to the quad bike (so you can't fall off when you go too fast backwards) but i've tried editing the handling.cfg file and it doesn't seem to work. even replacing the entire BIKE like with the QUADBIKE stats like doesn't make a difference. what's the point of the IS_BIKE flag if you can't turn it off? also, how do i write the damn things in hex? for example does ABCDEFG go to GEFCDAB ?
  4. stubbsy

    Official: No More Hot Coffee Patch

    don't you just need to change the offsets in the hook? that's all you do when they update cs to make you hacks work again
  5. stubbsy

    Mod Request Thread

    ok, i'd like for someone to please make a mod where you can go as fast as you like on the bike in reverse and you don't fall off. i think stunts would look nicer if you could land backwards... it looks better on skis anyway :] can it be done? i'd really like it stubbsy
  6. Hey, i've done everything that is currently available to me, including all the territory and the races, but i just can't get Big Sweet to shoot the damn mexicans on the train. I stay far to the left and he's constantly shooting, they just don't die. Am i doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated... stubbsy