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  1. Hi How do I make a car use car colors. I have the line in the car colors file correct but the car I've downloaded still spawns with the "design" it's been painted with in the .txd file. Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  2. Hi there I just tried the 0.2 version out and it's great. Couple of things though - "To activate pursuit mode in KITT (all versions), KARR and KIFT, use the submission command (ctrl key by default)." = doesn't work, I can't find what the "submission command" is? Also the SPM car really needs slowing down, it's stupidly fast and uncontrollable and just takes off, literally, if not on a level piece of ground.
  3. Hey there Has anyone done a Rhino Tank replacement for GTA SA that actually has working tracks instead of wheels?
  4. Oh cool. I guess if I run into any problems I can always put the original car back in - I keep a list of what I've replaced with what and I save after every missions so it's not a hassle...
  5. Ok well I sorted the camber look on the rear wheels. I don't think I can sort out the texture color, I think it's on the model itself and I'd need to have a go at some 3d modelling, something which I have never done and don't have the patience to learn right now. I'll see what I can do about uploading it, not sure I can though as it was part of the Gotham City demo but I'll see what I can do.
  6. Yep well I'll have to upload it first. I can't get permission to do so though as I can't get in touch with the guys who made the Gotham City mod, but I'll see what I can do for you BTW - I solved the texture, it needs to be bit darker but that's just my personal preference. The shinyness has been reduced and looks pretty good in my game. And I've sorted the wheels out so they look better as well...
  7. Well it would but I've tried other colors - 0,1 and 1,0 for a start and I still don't get the white underbelly, I also tried the colors in the readme which are 1,25, 79,125, 44,37, 25,1, 74,70, 55,84, 0,0, 76,76, 52,12...
  8. So that NOS_INST flag is useless then because it does nothing until you go to Transfender? What does the 2G_NOS flag do then?
  9. then it has two main body colors Please don't mess with the carcols unless u have made a backup of the original....* *feeling really sleepy, will get to this tomorrow One - 0,0
  10. Ok thanks but I've already done that. The NOS works fine when I buy it at transfender, but it doesn't work when I get the car out of my garage. I spawned it using Jacobs car spawner, could that be the reason why it doesn't work? I want the car to have NOS without the need to purchase it...
  11. Hi Please could someone advise me how the handlingflags work, I'm trying to add nos to a car that comes with the ability to have nos bought in transfender but I want it to spawn with it (I also want wide rear wheels and it to be a low rider). But when I check the handling flags I come up with this - WHEEL_R_WIDE2+NOS_INST+LOW_RIDER = 2088000 8 for the wheel_r_wide2 8 for the NOS_inst and 2 for the low_rider Is that correct because the NOS doesn't activate, the wheels code works, don't know about the low rider one though but the NOS deifinitely does not work? Am I right in thinking the HEX codes are read from right to left with the rightmost number (in my example above its 0) being number 1? Please can someone advice me on this as I'm kinda lost now Thanks in advance.
  12. The newest Batmobile has already been done for SA, just search for Tumbler Batmobile. Personally I think the new one is rubbish looking. I much prefer the 1989 one. Anyway I've got to reinstall the game before I can start to try to get the 89 Batmobile working... I agree and disagree. The 89 version looks the best but doesn't seem like it would truely be functional as needed, and the Tumbler seems tough and nimble for it's size and weight.Sorry for the double post but I thought I'd mention that I did a clean install so I have two copies of the game, copied over the data and models folders of the fresh install to the broken one, then added the .dff and .txd into gta3.img using the img tool and the Batmobile now works. Looks great but the windscreen has patches that aren't see through and the rear wheels look too far out of the bodywork. Dunno what the problem was now... I think this has a bit to do with the texturing, contact the designer/modder. Nah, I think I'll leave that one, it's a bit sub-standard compared to the one I've just found - the one from the Gotham City Mod Demo, it looks much better, quite a few more details imo and the windscreen isn't borked. Had to amend the shinyness and I can't find where the black texture or the windscreen textures are (they're not in the txd anyway) but it looks much better, plus I can put nitro on it :cool:
  13. Hmm yeah I guess so. I find it very frustrating not to mention downright unhelpful that people make posts like that. Anyway while we're discussing replacing cars - apart from the Monster Trucks being a "girlfriend car" what other sub-missions are they used for, does replacing them affect the game in any way other than changing the model? Same goes for any car really, are there ones that shouldn't be replaced because they are required for missions to be completed?
  14. So how come there are so many posts in the thread similar to the one I posted a link to that say "they've done it"?
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