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  1. no its just an audio/video codec pack. will allow your computer to read the audio files properly
  2. try installing this http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_lite_codec_pack.htm fixed the problem for me and a few other people
  3. Mr. KITT. Never thought I'd see you here. Well, good to see you anyway. :)

  4. i got it to work, but i ran into 2 problems. 1st, if i get in any knight vehicle twice, the game crashes. and 2nd, whenever i am driving around in a knight vehicle for more than 3 min, the game also crashes well it shouldnt crash THAT frequently. usually crashes after about 20-30 minutes for me
  5. no i didnt ness it up. if you run vista with UAC on thats probably the problem
  6. well most of the features will work without the SCM but it does contain the car spawner, i dont really remember what else i left out of there. the scanners should still work though they have nothing to do with code. but in 0.2b some of the scanners dont work anyway, cause theres a problem with the models i hadnt fixed yet. as for the forums, i'll have a look, you shoul be able to join. what happened when you tried to join? as for email i try to reply to all questions i receive but i get so many sometimes i just skip over them.
  7. V0.2b Released! http://www.mediafire.com/?egjynltkndt ModDB Mirror up soon As there is currently no progress on the mod, this is an interim release to show the public what has been completed of the mod so far. The next release will be 0.3a. It has not been extensively beta tested, so if you come across any bugs, please report them at our forums, located at the bottom of this post. Thank you. Included in this mod is KITT (Seasons 1 and 4 as well as the Pilot episode version), KARR (Seasons 1 and 3), KIFT, SPM KITT, Knight 3000 (Pilot and Season 1), Knight 3000 Attack (Pilot and Season 1), GMC General (FLAG Semi Cab), FLAG Semi Trailer, Goliath, Goliath's Trailer, Michael Long's Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, an original Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, and the Ram from the Episode 'Knight of the Juggernaut'. Current features include: K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two-Thousand) with: Molecular Bonded Shell Pyroclastic Lamination Turbo Boost Pursuit Mode Super Pursuit Mode Voice Modulator Smoke Screen Retro Rockets (Rocket Booster) Flame Thrower Rear Rocket Launcher High Traction Drop Downs Traction Spikes Microwave Jammer Deflatable Tires and Re-Inflatable tires Ejector Seat Emergency Braking System Auto T-Top Convertible Roof K.A.R.R. (Knight Automated Roving Robot)with: Molecular Bonded Shell Turbo Boost Pursuit Mode Voice Modulator Smoke Screen Retro Rockets (Rocket Booster) Flame Thrower Rear Rocket Launcher Deflatable Tires and Re-Inflatable tires Ejector Seat K.I.F.T. (Knight Industries Four-Thousand) with: Molecular Bonded Shell Pyroclastic Lamination Voice Modulator Turbo Boost Pursuit Mode Smoke Screen Flame Thrower Microwave Jammer K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three-Thousand) with: Attack Mode Voice Modulator Turbo Boost And more! CREDITS: K.I.T.T. - Mod Leader/Coder DeLorean88US - Coder Codes by DeLorean88US and K.I.T.T. Peterbilt 352 original model by Alex. Goliath conversion by KnightProwl Goliath Trailer, GMC General and FLAG Trailer by KnightProwl Big thanks to Tobie for KITT, KARR, KIFT, SPM KITT, K3000, K3000 Attack and Pontiac Trans Am models and KIFT engine sounds HELP WANTED: Help Wanted: -Vehicle Modeler -Weapon Modeler -Character Modeler -Texture Artist
  8. just got the spoiler in today
  9. i will soon be hiring 3 new beta testers to test the new features for issues and bugs. if you're interested, apply here http://www.knightindustriesmodding.com/kr/...mp;f=2&t=47
  10. what happens when you try and activate it? nothing or do you get out of the car? and do the other features work fine?
  11. well it might not be as impressive as some others here but here is my new car. i like it anyway adding a spoiler next week
  12. im only adding features that were included in the show
  13. 0.2a doesnt require the patch
  14. Hi there I just tried the 0.2 version out and it's great. Couple of things though - "To activate pursuit mode in KITT (all versions), KARR and KIFT, use the submission command (ctrl key by default)." = doesn't work, I can't find what the "submission command" is? Also the SPM car really needs slowing down, it's stupidly fast and uncontrollable and just takes off, literally, if not on a level piece of ground. SPM is controllable with practice. and to find what submission is, look in the controls section in the options menu
  15. V0.2a Out Now http://www.moddb.com/mods/gta-knight-rider...ight-rider-v02a
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