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  1. i just bought the limited edition pc version of san andreas off amazon and it said in the description that it included a novella. does anyone know what this is and how to access it???
  2. is it official that GTA:LCS has been delayed in the UK because lots of shop sites are saying that its been delayed til November 4th but if R* and Take 2 are still saying that its on track for the 28th, whos to be believed?
  3. yeh me neither! i thought they'd be on at least one of the fansites but none of them posted the shots yet. oh well, not long til the games released anyway
  4. does anyone on here thats from britain buy nuts magazine? if you do you would have seen the new screenshots in the latest issue. i was wonderin how come no one has posted them because there some good ones! i dont buy the mag but i saw it had GTA on the cover so i picked it up for a look. for people who havent seen the pics, its got a few new in-game screenshots, one with toni and another leone family member holding uzis, and in the top corner it has a health bar for the leones and one for the diablos, which is obviously from a mission. i cant really remember the rest that well...hmmm actually, it was in zoo magazine, i just had a look for the front cover of the latest issue and its on zoo magazine's.
  5. I don't know how true this is but i just remembered reading it in a magazine about a month or so ago, I think it was PSM. Anyway, I read a little caption that said that a 'reliable source' had informed them that if you purchase GTA:LCS then you can unlock Liberty City for CJ to free roam in. Also, i was speakin to my gfs brother-in-law an he said he had heard the same. I do not know how this will be possible, perhaps a free extra PS2 disc with the purchase of GTA:LCS? No missions or anything else were mentioned, just that CJ can free roam. Anyone else hear anything about this as I haven't heard anything since and have just disregarded it as a rumour.
  6. 90s rock aint so bad...pantera rule! i wouldn't call them 'classic' rock but they have made some classics...i'd love them to be on the soundtrack...
  7. sorry, it said it was 2 different posts last night...i must've fucked up somehow...hmmm...
  8. ok dude, you want proof, i've just come home from getting my GCSE results and i got an A in English Language and a B in English Literature, so obviously i can write in standard english. if it makes you happy, i'll continue to write like this, like i said before, no problem
  9. I've just been on gtalcs.com and it says that, according to the latest issue of GamePro, GTA:LCS will have a 'large selection of classic rock'...if it's anything like the '80s rock on VRock then it should, well, rock! Nothin 2 important, just thought id let you guys know in case you didnt already...
  10. come on, man, dont you text or go on msn or anything? if you dont, thats cool, i can write english, im just lazy! no problem though!
  11. helloooooo evry1, im shawsky...no1 important...jst joined 2day bt iv bin checkin da site 4 news 4 a wile...
  12. hey franswurst...u wer the one who sed bout the glitches, i read it erlia so i guess it wz recent...dat wz cool, i didnt no a load of them...not the right place 2 talk bout it here tho so ill shudup...
  13. oh yeh...i jst dismissed dat car as an esperanto or sumthin, i never realy lookd at it closely...its a realy nice lookin car... im jst lookin 4ward 2 bein able 2 play gta newhere...like on borin car journeys an stuf...an bein tony cipriani, dats cool...
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