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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Do you have proof of this? Because this sounds like another made up thing, and haven't seen this mentioned or confirmed anywhere else.
  3. I'm not sure why you say the Myth hasn't been busted because it has, this is just a website, made for something in the game, Rockstar made a couple of those for certain objects in the game. But there is no Leather Face or anything else in SA. There are no myths in San Andreas or any other GTA! Dude i havent seen any1 saying the myth was BUSTED you just made that up... Show me a proof that R* did say that and i will believe! And btw there is no objects that have the "Epsilon" name in GTA SanAndreas, people only talk about it(in the radio). And plz i was talking about Epsilon not LeatherFace or the rest everyone knows that was made up! If you really dont care just say it like laggynoob or just read it DONT POST... Or say the reasons why it is BUSTED/FAKE about the Myths in GtaSanAndreas. IF you just came here to rise your post in your acc GO ELSEWHERE! Um, lets see, you asked if this myth has been busted, or why it hasn't been busted yet, and I answered that it has, nothing like this has ever been found apart from what is said on the radio, so what else is there to bust? Then I proceeded to say that there are no myths in San Andreas and as Butters correctly said technically there are hundreds, so what I meant by my last sentence was that any myth that was ever created has been proven fake as peopel have gone through the game files checking for myths and hidden stuff Techniclly, there are loads. If I where to say that King Kong lives in Shady Creek, and someone belived me, it becomes a myth - just not true. Lol, just a technicality, but like I said above you're right so I correct myself.
  4. Nah, there isn't one at least not on the platforms that you can get too. And I don't think there's any more above that. Although it sucks, that GTA IV has no Minigun or M60 either.
  5. Lol, yeah I read about this altercation just a few minutes ago, didn't know there was a video. Nice find. He was provoked by numerous fans, no wonder he snapped.
  6. You could later buy heavy weapons from Phil, and it had a Flatbed and/or a tank I think, but those all "belonged" to Phil, since he was an army guy.
  7. The Attitude Era was great, but people need to let it go, it will never be back. But I think WWE going PG is really hurting the company sure they attract more kids now who will probably turn into long time fans but some of us "older" fans (I'm only 20, but still and "older" fan) want to see a little bit more hardcore matches, some blood, and maybe the occasional sleaze in form of a Bra and Panties match
  8. Now you're gonna flame me for telling you to write properly? I bet you I'm not the only one here who gets annoyed by stupid abbreviations like yours. And to be honest I bet you I have more of a life than you because every single thing you just said I supposedly am, is more than likely what you actually are, and I can say in all honesty not one of those points accurately described me But just to show you I thought I;'d quote a part from the rules: The first part addresses your post, and the second part addresses the fact that english is not your first language which is fine, but that was not the problem here. Besides, I don't even know why you're being a Dick now, never said anything against you just that you should use proper spelling to the best of your ability.
  9. Meh DX were great in the original, and quite funny when they came back 1-2 years ago, but there's only so much you can do HBK and HHH are both too old, and it will never be the same as it used to be since 1) Shawn has hsi religion thing now and 2) wwe HAS GONE pg
  10. I'm not sure why you say the Myth hasn't been busted because it has, this is just a website, made for something in the game, Rockstar made a couple of those for certain objects in the game. But there is no Leather Face or anything else in SA. There are no myths in San Andreas or any other GTA!
  11. Honestly, there's too many to name, but here's a few: -Sunshine Autos is still a construction site, and there's a trailer park behind it. -Various apartment buildings/empty spaces have been replaced by the spots/buildings for the businesses. -Um, haven't played the game in a long time, but the businesses are a lot of changes so that's a start.
  12. Looks really good, at first I didn't notice just clicked again but realized it wasn't the normal image anymore.
  13. You don't remember the mission for the guy with the one arm, where you had to defend it? After that, you could go there whenever you wanted and buy rocket launchers and machine guns. It wasn't quite an army base as such, it was more a private thing owned by an ex army guy.
  14. And your point is? I never said anything about you having bad spelling in the sense of having grammar errors and stuff, if English isn't your first language of course you're not going to have the best spelling possible and that's fine, but using internet slang like "r u 2 gon b mad? bcuz I ddn't kno th form ws english?" is just annoying. I can understand it sure, but its fucking annoying. A for your Ratman, do you remember the whereabouts of him? I mean which tunnel under which part of the city?
  15. This being a English internet forum with certain rules we have every write to comment on your proper spelling, I never said you had bad grammar, just that you shouldn't abbreviate. If you want people to believe you you need to give them some video evidence, instead of saying this guy in the subway tunnel said "i'm ratface and I don't like you" and that he was too fast to catch.
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