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  1. The Border Color Should Be Dark Blue & Colors for TEXT Like My OWN Sig I've made. This Is my Last Request. Then It'll Be best Sig.
  2. Cool. But You Should Use Light Blue and dark Blue For The Gradient For TEXT.
  3. I Asked You For Some Drifting Cars And A Bit From GTA. However a Car Render Will Be Good.
  4. Sorr! But I Don't Do Requests. But This Car Is Pretty Impressive. May Be I Do It Sometime. Check Back Here In 2-3 Weeks And You May Get The Car. Also, CCX - Cheetah, Sagaris - Deluxo, IS350 - Sentinel & Z4 - Blista Compact. See Ya Later.
  5. Another Great Success Guys! KOENIGSEGG CCX Is Done. Download - Koenigsegg CCX Please Comment On This One. : :: ::: :::: Next Is What? :::: ::: :: : May Be An Acura Integra Type-R Or A Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX-MR
  6. Finally, Direct Download Links Are Here.......Please Have The Cars. Also, For The Materials. My Graphic Card Is Only 32MBits, Maybe The Materials Looks Crappy Because Of That. Anyways, Keep Downloading & Commenting. I Love You All. Bye Download - Lamborghini Gallardo - XiON Patrol Download - Lexus IS350 Download - TVR Sagaris
  7. And Now It's Done TOXIC! The New Sagaris Is Here. The Direct Link Will Be Here Within a Day...
  8. Now I'm Working On A TVR Segaris. Within A Day It'll Be Here.
  9. You Can Download The Lambo At GTAInside.com In The Lamborghini Section & At GTAPlace.com's Cars Section. No Direct Download Yet. But You Have To Wait A Little For The Lexus. Also, Toxic, Are You From INDIA. If Yes, Please PM Me. : :: ::: EDIT ::: :: : Don't Waste Time Visiting And Searching Those Sites....Just Refer To My Latest Post For Direct Downloads. Bye
  10. My Masterpiece......The Lamborghini Gallardo XiON Patrol Edition. I'll Post The Download Link Soon.
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