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  1. Hi I also have an account on GTAForums as SAPD officer and I asked the same question without a response. Now I am asking you. I am wondering if someone could convert cortez's yacht to sa. It is one of my favorite boats and I would love for it to be converted to sa.
  2. well actually i tried to replace the maverick with the maverick that rockstar was orginally going to use in vc. I know i added the mod on correctly but when i went to go find it in the game it did not spawn anywhere.
  3. I have mods that already work with vc, but recently i have added more mods to the game but when i launch the game i can't find the mod that i added. I have done the installation correctly by adding its txd and dff file to replace the vehicle in the game it goes to. I start the game to find it and when i go to search for it, it doesn't spawn. I drive around for a while waiting for it to spawn but it still doesn't. The game doesn't crash but the mod won't show up in the game. Please reply if you know why this is happening. thank you
  4. VCS is one of the best gta games ive ever played. what i liked about it was swimming, more vehicles, empire, more accesible buildings, and lastly the longer and more difficult missions. what i didnt like is the soundtrack. i much preffer the vc soundtrack. also what i like about vc is the safehouses like the mansion. i like the city in vc better because everything is constructed not like in vcs where everything is under construction. but overall vcs is better.
  5. to hire bodyguard is vcs simply go up to any gang member who has a weapon and press and hold the aim button(R1) and keep pressing the up button(^). The gang member should eventually come to you and follow you around. They can also shoot at anyone you shoot at and get in any car you get in. Also you can hire them for free. The limit for hiring them are 3. It will not work if you try to go beyond that. Vic will also say something to them like "wanna work for me?" or something like that. Please post if you have any problems or comments
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