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Hey, the names Scott, but you probably know me as Woozie, either way it makes no difference. For all you pervs out there I'm 20 and I live in Norwich. I absolutley adore football and my home team Norwich City FC but I wont bore you with all the historic facts etc. I also love computing and playing on GTA whenever I get the chance to. Vice City is the best game IMO. I think the setting is amazing and the storyline is the best one made I just simply adore it and without it I probably wouldn't be on this forum today talking to all you lovely fellow GTA addicts tongue.gif. I joined this amazing forum early 2005, around March sometime with my old account woozie2.

A little more about me, I studied A-Levels in History, Law and Sociology, which I enjoyed greatly. I am a bit of a geek as you have guessed, but I am a sociable guy and I love chatting to new people about anything really.

I am now currently a History student in my second year at the University. I am enjoying the student lifestyle more than anything, aside the 9am lectures! I aspire to be a history teacher in the near future, so I can share my knowledge with the next generation!

If you have any questions on GTA please don't PM me, use the forums, it is an easier way and you get far more responses.

Add my MSN if you want too and be sure too add me on XBOX Live (NorwichScott).