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  1. Tango


    You mean drive-by shooting? Well, your press h and there you go.
  2. SA disc, I don't download pirated stuff off the internet!
  3. Yes, I used the downgrader before I installed SA-MP. You mean I should not downgrade my GTA:SA? So I should just re-install my GTA:SA and just install SA-MP without downgrading?
  4. OK, so every time I try to run GTA:SA or SA:MP, it says, "Please remove disc from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original disc in another drive?:."
  5. Tango

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Ya better start saving cash now!
  6. love your avaar. let's make babies

  7. OK. I just made a topic there asking. I hope someone answers me less than a minute!
  8. I just downgraded it to 1.0 and then I installed SA:MP
  9. When I open SA:MP.exe then when I close it, it starts making lots of errors.
  10. Thanks. You used err ummm, photoshop right?