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  1. I've read the premise! It sounds good. My sister is currently going through this series Dmac - I'll have to ask her what she thinks of it. [Winona Ryder is fabulous] Digressing but I've still got a ways to go with Mad Men, and 2 more seasons with Parcs and Rec. Shoot there's like a dozen shows I need to finish... OTL Back to Stranger Things... the little girl having telekinesis piques my interest the most. Carrie by Stephen King was one of my favorite books growing up and to anyone unfamiliar with one of the masters in psychological horror literature Carrie is about a bullied girl that develops telekinesis and takes revenge upon herself. Telekinesis is awesome. It's been widely dismissed for a while being lacking proof but theories in psychology, philosophy of the mind and other branches of philosophy can and do deal with the nonphysical.
  2. This thread makes sort of, a reality, out of the skepticism I've had that old members stopped checking the site out. if I may.. 2006 TGTAP alumni "checking" in. A revival of this place would exciting, but we would need not only old members, to arrive again with new life, but an increase in new members signaling there's something to be attained here, no?
  3. Chris and co. owe us nothing. I remember the memories tenderly though, for some reason or another. In hindsight I was a little young to be active on this site back in 2006. Was 11 or so.If had a more engaging childhood at home I would not have needed to be here.
  4. As mentioned previously it's recommended to hold back on slandering GTAF. The last post wasn't in reference to your personal treatment but nice try adding in more complaints. Chronic whining about a website from years ago is childish. The wise speak of unhealthy attachments and how being able to move on from them instead of latch onto them is part of growing up.
  5. Agree with Nate, I also have an (inactive) account at GTAF which I've had for years and I've had no issues Sup Scott. The name woozie2 sounds familiar. is ur XBL account for the 360 or One?
  6. I've enjoyed the beginning of SR3 recenty but yeah.. the gameplay for SR4 doesn't look appealing. Idk I've never been into Saints Row. On the other hand I've played countless hours of GTA V on the 360, PS3 and PC.
  7. Made an account at GTAf - logging in temporally to confirm Blacklisted is wrong. GTAF is fine Like usual, stop complaining about GTAF. You must know it's childish behavior.
  8. Everyone left. I left too. Then stayed. Then left. Then had my magnum opus of crazy years this last year. no longer do i drink from the bottle~ A whole lot happened. I'm working on a children's story for adults currently and a few other projects. Deciding to move north or south still. What have you been up to mayne

  10. Metro 2033. It's epic. Immersion runs deep with the good voice acting, and setting. I have the sequel ready to play when I beat this one. Playing Papers, Please when I'm bored and have half an hour to spar. GTA V on PC is great - let me know if you want to play some heists.
  11. I'm sure some are mean on GTAF and didn't understand you or plain didn't like you but you often seem to feel attacked when you're not. For example, from my last post, you've gathered that I think it's hard to avoid your posts? Funky inductive reasoning can lead to false thoughts like that but don't you see how it supports what I'm saying? You talk about people being mean and mistreating you but in this case all that's happened is you've misread someone, because I'm not bothered by you. No one here is ostracizing you.
  12. Rejecting the notion that people can choose to avoid you is delusional. I'll explain it for you though. People don't avoid your posts to single you out, and believing that invalidates others' feelings, making it about yourself(I hope you recognize the individualistic standpoint I'm expressing).Your lack of succinctness and one-sided speech makes people avoid your posts.. You have trouble gaining peoples' interest, but asberger's does not define you Black. It defines how the wires work in you.
  13. Considering how defensive you've become over some people not being interested in what you have to say, I think you fear rejection a whole lot more than you actually are subject to being rejected. You're false in assuming people avoid your posts to single you out, and even more false in thinking people can't choose to avoid you.
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