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  1. must say everything was great except for zero's missions. thought they were a waste of time. could've been added as side missions. anyway i voted SA, perhaps a combination of cities/states. imagine having to fly a plane from one city/state to another to complete a mission. awesome.
  2. lawmony

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    i'd like to see most of the stuff that was in SA. plus the storyline must be full of intrigue, which is what SA offered in a kind of way. maybe bring back some of the main characters in the past GTAs in one big, explosive game. - a bigger and more diverse map. like, some missions must happen in the countryside where you have to remain for a while before going back to the city. added to that you can use false documents to travel to another country to complete some high profile missions. once there someone picks you up from the airport and takes you to a base where you'll operate from. at the end of your mission something goes wrong or someone snitches on you and you have to make a run for it - this time your only escape is to travel on land to a neighboring country to catch plane back home. there should obviously be a lot of challenges on the way. - somewhere in the story you are required to join the army as a recruit, do most of the training - then run away before completion. the skills learned in the army can then be used to complete missions. like flying planes and military strategies etc. - make connections with some corrupt army official/s so you can get favours with equipment, heavy weapons, access to bases etc. - you are in the oil business and in a bid to expand your empire you conspire to overthrow some small African government where a new discovery of oil has been made. - when you're character doesn't have weapons he must be a human weapon. this he can achieve by learning fighting styles such as kung fu, boxing, kick boxing or street fighting. he'll have to learn one or two of the above. he must become a proper fighter, kickass like Jackie Chan and sting like Ali. achieving this skills must involve hard work, commitment and months (game months). like you have to go to the gym for a while to fill up your skill meter. just like it doesn't take you 2 weeks to become a good Taekwondo fighter. - make hijacking cars an extremely risky business. one where you could die or even lose out heavily. it shouldn't be like you walk out of burger shop, see a nice car and steal it. there must be real threats attached to that, which leads me to my next point... - place an extremely important value to car ownership. owning a car mustn't come cheap. you must actually have to go to dealerships to buy one for a realistic price. owning a car means it's yours for the rest of the game time, unless you decide to sell it to used car dealerships. you can buy as many cars as you want as long as you've got the cash. when using your car for a mission, you can still crash it etc. but it should be fixable at pay n sprays, at a cost. - customisation is crucial, imagine getting a Commet and then doing it up any which way you like - knowing that you're gonna be driving it for a while... sweet. you could sound systems, engine parts, body kits, neons, colours etc. maybe start introducing companies like the guys who mod cars on MTV's Pimp my Ride. - better handling cars, more realistic sounds, more choices, power/speed determined by the extras you buy. - have girlfriends but have one who's queen of them all. she could move in with you at your main mansion. maybe she's the one you set up family with? she could be part of the story in some missions, maybe she gets kidnapped or whatever. - you shuld be able to prepare a meal at home and eat when hungry. - interact more with the environment, including stuff in your house, like relax on a couch and read newspapers. - when you leave the game idle for a while your character must find things to do. like if he's at a basketball court you must just find him playing ball by himself or if he's in the house you could find him playing video games. small things like that. - property, property, property. - some big mansions must have home gyms. - get rid of pigeon missions - instead introduce something more interesting. - main character must interact with peds just like CJ did. maybe a random ped can turn out to be of great help in achieving something, like giving you direction to some place you want. - as already mentioned, choose your own furniture and decors for your crib - give us a wide choice. and hell, make some time to swim with your girlfriend in your swimming pool. - more trendy clothes from a variety of stores. - i like the idea of you getting mugged as already mentioned. - become a shareholder of some big company through inappropriate means and get found out later by which time you'd have raked a lot of money. - let's see the character get arrested and taken to court only to win the case and go after those who testified against him. - buy a football team and collect money every weekend from the stadium. got plenty more wishes but that's it for now. when i played GTA SA i almost felt like i lived in that world. the upcoming game must be able to leave you with that feeling.
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