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  1. That was the one. It worked though, which was just as well. I don't remember being so pissed off at the gang attacks in SA though, maybe it's because VCS was a portable game and if you're quite happily mucking around, trying to cut people in half with a helicopter, the last thing you want is to drop everything and have to go and fight some mini battle.
  2. What happened to me was- It was so totally cheesy that I loved it. Just like a great 80s action flick. If the game had ended there, I would have been very happy, felt like the right place to leave it. Niko had gone through his journey and come out the other side... if it had been in a movie I would have thrown up in the popcorn with disgust, but in the game it worked quite well.
  3. Yeah, I'd agree with that. I was surprised how easy IV ended up being, there was only a few missions that I had to do twice, and that was usually down to me doing something stupid (like not noticing I'd dropped a grenade at my feet rather than thrown in... clever boy ). That flight school in SA still gives me nightmares...
  4. Yeah, I'm liking the cel-shaded look, it seems like the smart way to go as there's no way you can replicate the PS2 / PSP quality graphics on the DS. Also I'm liking the fact it's different from the other GTAs, much as I love them it's nice to play something new, rather than an old style with new missions.
  5. Yeah, the Empire Building was a bit of a pain- if I hadn't discovered that trick that made the attacks stop I think I would have thrown the PSP across the room... Made up for it with Phil Collins though.
  6. I don't think the game 'sucks' but it's definitely my least favourite of the 3D GTA games. Probably due to the fact that Vic Vance moans and complains so much that it's no fun being him, and the story line is the weakest of any of the games. The missions in the first half of the game weren't that great either, although it does pick up once you cross the bridge. And shooting zombies in the mall... great fun.
  7. And you get a pretty horrible desktop wallpaper as well. I spend most of my money on burgers now. My Niko just wanders the city, going from Burger Shot to Burger Shot, trying to eat himself to death. He's in his last-days-of-Elvis phase at the moment...
  8. You'll be waiting a really long time then...
  9. More on it here Quite interested to see a GTA game with a different style of graphics, definitely looks more cartoony, hard to judge how well they'll work without seeing them in motion.
  10. First details have been announced about the game, from Nintendo Power magazine- Sounds pretty good, look forward to seeing some screenshots of the cel-shaded graphics- the last GTA game on a Nintendo platform- GTA : Advance- had some decent missions (there was a good one where you had to ruin the practice sessions of the Liberty City Cocks american football team) but the story and characters were quite bland. http://kotaku.com/5051997/first-grand-thef...wn-wars-details
  11. Why? What's wrong with the story and game play of Chinatown Wars? Why is it a joke?
  12. Just wanted to say hi. So, um... "hi". Big GTA fan, been playing them since GTA2, hard to pick a favourite- probably San Andreas though. Anyway, hello.
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