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  1. He is giving serious problems materialized not wanting the cars and other what to do for this error does not occur more?? By:mp9_crew
  2. mp9_crew


    handling.cfg for the bike run faster PCJ600 By:mp9_crew
  3. mp9_crew

    Maneuver in bike

    How do those maneuvers in walls and other rapas irons with the bike !!!
  4. mp9_crew

    PS2 modding

    So I think you caught a game of gta vice city for PS2 and extract all files to your computer and then all mods that you write that the new CD! Ready!
  5. mp9_crew

    flintstones mod (defaut.ide erro)

    Indeed the (default.ide) and the handling.cfg and (handling.cfg) and the default.ide By:mp9_crew
  6. mp9_crew

    Vice city stories mod?

    I think that boy did not even mod for GTA LCS VCS
  7. mp9_crew

    Ultimate trainer V2.0 (erro)!

    he do not want to materialise the cars!! BY:mp9_crew