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About Me

I exist. There is however no proof to me that you exist. I live my life by simple rules -- they are more like guidelines than rules.

  1. All the persons you talk to on the internet are one man named Bob. He is 35 and lives in his parents basement.
  2. There is a God, I have his phone number in my five.
  3. Everything dies... but will come back to haunt you.
  4. There are no problems, only solutions yet undiscovered.
  5. Enjoy the Vogon poetry while you can.
  6. Study all things both good and evil.
  7. Fear is nothing but a feeling, it cannot kill you.
  8. Understand the other person's point of view.
  9. Choose the blue pill for crying out loud!!
  10. Buy a fur lined toilet.
  11. Get the bigger boat.
  12. Don't place your penis where it don't belong. -- applies to women too.
  13. Don't use drugs, you make more money selling them.
  14. Set your goals low so you can't be disappointed.
  15. A foolish man lives in the outhouse, an idiot lives in his basement.

That should tell you where I am coming from.

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