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    Flying in the dodo plane

    I play on a PS2 with no mods of any kind. Several times I have taken off from the Airport in the Dodo and flown over the water all the way around all three islands back to Shoreside Vale, landing on the runway heading the same direction I took off in (I've done it clockwise and counterclockwise). ...Well, okay, I usually *crash* on the runway. But let's not split hairs. The point is that if you read MrIQ's Dodo FAQ here: http://www.ps2fantasy.com/games/gta3/guide...auto_3_dodo.txt ...and still can't fly the Dodo more than ten seconds, then I have a question: How are you getting to the Liberty City Airport in the first place? Does your mom drive you? MrIQ's method doesn't allow much control over your altitude. I've heard that it is possible to ascend, but I've never seen it explained by anybody with a shift key or any punctuation on their keyboard, so I've blown it off. BTW, The hardest part about the "around the world" flight is that one of the keys to flying the Dodo is to keep it level, and in certain places where the designers obviously don't expect you to be (e.g. off of the east coast of Portland, and around Cochrane Dam), the plane disappears off of the screen, making it very hard to fly level. Watch the horizon and cross your fingers. There are easter eggs out there.