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  1. buy what you want. apartments and busines.(all) buy weapons(So much if you can after buying apartment and business) good luck
  2. the balloon i can't find now is the airport balloon. its balloon number 4. and thanks
  3. Oke. thanks. and how about the balloons do you know something about that?
  4. hello . i just can't find wagons and balloons. i need to know where i can find the wagon: bixville and oceanic. and i know where the balloons: 4, 46 and 7 are but i cant see them 4 is on the airport. 46 is in downtown 7 is on that hotel. can someone tell me where they are? on roof or something?? thanks GR -T-
  5. Yes i know that(no exit before touch ground) but when can i get a plane and where can i have one?
  6. Hello. i am new on this forum! i just read you need to do missie from zero to hero to open the brigde right?? but when come this missie and on how much %?? thanks. Gr -T-
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