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    Hello I am just here to tell you about a mod for San Andreas called GTA: LVS. I'm sure some of you might now about it or have heard of it somewhere, but for you that don't know: LVS stands for Liberty Vice San Andreas, that almost explains it all, it takes Vice City and Liberty City and remakes it into the San Andreas engine, so in other words you can fly from SA to VC to LC and back, they might even make their own storyline. They are currently on their second release which has Prawn Islands and Leaf Links golf Course in, it's a bit buggy, but they are already hard at work with o.3 which will be north point mall and that surrounding area which in a way connects Prawn and Leaf Links. At the moment the site is out of bandwidth until the end of the month, their website is: www.gta-lvs.com www.gta-lvs.com/forum And here is their backup forum: http://lvs.operationgta.com/forum/index.php please take your time to visit them, I hope you enjoy it. Oh and you can download it at various websites like gtagarage,maybe here, i'm not sure and a few other places.
  2. donnierisk

    GTA: Divided States

    Don't like name but like idea about going back to SA, VC and LC, but your statue of liberty idea is, weird, just make the statue of liberty and call it something else, that's it nothing should be changed after.
  3. donnierisk

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Pls don't go off-topic, I was born in africa, I live in america now, and i'm white. I hope you understand what I mean. Back on-topic: When flying in an airplane then you should be able to move around inside, getting food, saving, getting parachute and jump out of flight, health and armor and many more, but one thing, no weapons in airplane or ability to attack is cancelled otherwise if this happens then rockstar will probably get sued for terrorist ideas.
  4. donnierisk

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    My ideas are: 1.At the beach there should be PROPER waves and you can surf on them and have a surfing skill to learn new tricks that YOU have to figure out how to do. 2.Sports 3. the people should swim at the beach and there should be lifegaurds for if they drown and you cansave them yourself. 4. Peds should also work with a star system like you, the more chaos they cause the better force comes at them and if you help hit or kill or arrest them then you get good citizen bonus like in Vice. 5.If you commit a SERIOUS crime then you should go to jail and you can do drug deals and try and break out and alot more....