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  1. ok, FYI eveyone, i found info that GTA:LCS is coming to ps2 in 2006. i guess this wasnt a stupid topic now was it.
  2. www.myspace.com/tallmantyler
  3. tyler


    this topic is simple, just post ur myspace url link here. this is mine: www.myspace.com/tallmantyler
  4. wut would it mater if people just wsent around killing horses
  5. That isn't your game stats. they asked for our game status and if im not wrong, saying im finished w/ story missions is game status No. He CLEARLY said STATS. If you READ THE FIRST POST it tells you EXACTLY what it's asking for. Obviously, you have problems reading. stat status, who cares. u probably have an anger problem cuz u always yell at people
  6. alright, look, LC survivor was probably just like the regualar game. if it is i would kill u so bad. by the way spas, how long have up played it. (GTA1, gta2, and gta london dont count cuz they're very different. And Chris, y dont u stay out of this
  7. you're rgith but most of them don't look real
  8. i say it'll be in VC, and GTA4 will stay in USA
  9. so r u saying u do want it more realistic Ya but not as realistic as people claim, I mean it wouldnt hurt for the cars not to crumple after a light touch to an object, and it wouldnt hurt GTA to have nice looking people like better looking modeled hookers or how bullets hit the car, it would be nice to see the bullets leave dents in the door or something, little realism like that. thats wut i was lookin for and i want people to freak when u have a gun out or cops to chase u for traffic violations The traffic violations is were it becomes too much realism. It becomes too much like Driver, which is not as fun of a game. Get it through your head that traffic laws and GTA do NOT MIX. traffic laws being in the game isn't a big deal. how about the no wanted level cheat, or how about following the law. what i was thinking is maybe not putting so much cops in the city so even though they go after u for traffic laws, u wouldnt get caught for it very much cuase there wouldnt be as many cops 1. I don't cheat to play. Occasionally I do it for fun or if I'm just screwing around. 2. The game isn't about following the law. If I wanted to follow the law I'd go outside and drive for real. so dont cheat, if u see a cop dont brake a law. how about when u wanna kill someone and a cop is there, u wait till the cop leaves. or, just get the cops on u. its so much fun to get cops on u. its actually kinda the point of the game. or, don't even worry about it. chances r that they wont even put traffic laws in the game. if they havent started by now they probably wont. so u dont even have to worry C.O.D. don't worry about ur quote my computer does that to me too sumtimes. By the way, i like you ideas for more realism. especially the K-9 unit idea, and the TV shows. actaully i noticed in LCS, the character's hands actaully move. but they still looked fake
  10. id b glad to do it for u but i dont know what u mean by u posted ur save. let me know what u mean and let me know how to get it to my ps2 and i'll see if i'll be able to do it. if i'm able to do it i'll definetly get u past it. as long as u have the game on ps2
  11. i did post the topic, but it only posted my comment not the poll
  12. trust me everybody, salvatore leone made GTA3 and LCS and SA. salvatore was awesome. i was pissed that he didn't appear in Vice city
  13. Guess what? If it had INFRASTRUCTURE you'd know how the multiplayer was already. Aha. You know, infrastructure, the mode you said sucked? The multiplayer is loads of fun. It would be even more fun with infrastructure so I could play with all these people from the message boards. spas if i played against u in liberty city survivor, u would b pissed that u ever played me. i would own you how was liberty city survivor by the way
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