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  1. Hey what happend to my favorite Forieghn friend?

  2. The only problem I had with the PS3 was the error reading disk problem from the update 1.02 . I took my Playstation and slammed it up against the wood floors in my house :( But that happend 2 years ago.

  3. oh yeah heard of that problem, im hoping that getting the "L" model which works with a 65 / 65 nm processors wont cause trouble. But again, i can only hope :) Have you encountered any probs?

  4. Tha Ps3 can overheat faster than the 360 because it generates its own heat. Then you'll start seeing an orange light and hear a *Beep*Beep*Beep*

  5. - How many times have you had the RRoD? 5 - How long do you play on your Xbox 360? 2-3 hours - How long do you wait for to get your 360 back? 4-5 weeks - What do you have as a back up for bordem? Nothing yet, but getting a PS3 in March 09. - Does the RRoD make you wanna buy a PS3 or a Wii? Yes, PS3. - What games do you usually play on your 360? Gears of War, Halo 3, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Burnout Paradise, Oblivion (a lot) and a few more. - What do you do to cool down your 360? I turn on the Air Conditioner in Summer and a small portable fan in winter. - Is your Xbox 360 placed Vertically or Horizontally? Vertically at first but i heard rumours that Horizontally will prevent the ring of death so i switched to Horizontal. - What is the longest period you have had your 360 without RRoD? Since its the launch console, it doesnt lasts much longer and breaks down after 7-8 weeks so i have now packed it up. Well thats the sad story of my loved 360 though i am getting a Ps3 in march but still, i will buy a new 360 in a couple of months.
  6. Happy B'day Mike! Hope you had a good one
  7. I'm getting a Ps3 in the first week of march, i had a 360 but it gave the ring of death and broke :P

  8. Everything is going good. :D Hey Dude, you have a PS3 or a 360?

  9. For starters you can go with crappy guitars, when i was in college there was a guy who played really great with a 50 $ crappy guitar. So its not much of a deal if your learning. Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo dolls had a 4 string guitar on which he composed 'Sympathy'. I heard this on the radio interview.
  10. Of course not, i would call it a compliment :) I was away due to University admission problems. Sorry i just disappeared. So hows stuff going?

  11. Is it really an insult if you call somebody Packie McReary?

  12. Dream Theater – In The Presence Of Enemies - Part I
  13. Happy New Year TGTAP the new home page looks pretty slick, i like the new banner
  14. Awesome pics Chris, the 1st, 3rd and 5th or 6th are the best
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