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  1. That sucks. I just had my bike stolen a few days ago at college.

    Which is kind of funny, because I bought it from my friend who originally stole it from someone else.

    But it's really not funny because I still paid for it.

  2. I love driving. I got my license pretty early. I've had it for almost two years now. I haven't gotten into any accidents and I've only had one speeding ticket.

    And driving ridiculously fast is very fun. Especially while under the influence of drugs.

    By the way, don't listen to anything I'm saying.

  3. I know. I mean, there's no security these days. Cops do almost nothing, just eat donuts, especially in USA.

    What the fuck can the police do if they aren't there and haven't been alerted yet?

    And your reply is grossly stereotypical. You fail at posting.

  4. Well, it's now official then. The only reason I need a Playstation 3 is for God of War III. And Guitar Hero 4, I guess. Then again, the only reason I'm really concerned about that is for the few songs from Tool that will be on there...

    So let's see, I'll be paying upwards of half a thousand dollars for God of War III and the chance to play a few songs on Guitar Hero.

    Fuck my life.

  5. Came across some drunk chick yesterday evening. I mean, chicks. 6 of them.

    So, I rescued a hedgehog (he was about to get run over by a van! Can't let that happen now can I ..) en then those chicks come by wanting.. sex. And I have to say, they were pretty hot.

    However, I'm 15 and didn't really feel comfortable having my firsttimer with some drunk girl I found on the street and I said the most stupid thing imaginable.... "Oh, I was actually going home to game, Bioshock probably, sorry."

    Really, I should have just gotten that BJ... But then I guess it's a good thing to not have done it too.... Meh, I don't know.


  6. I've been told I'm an affectionate drunk... I hug things alot, and reassuringly tell them that I love them...



    I never get angry when I'm drunk. Even if you somehow manage to piss me off, I'll probably just tell you it's okay and that I love you anyways.

    Even if I don't know you.

  7. Deji, perhaps you weren't aware of this, but religion has existed far longer than churches and priesthood has.

    And even still, churches and other such places of worship existed for many years before the introduction of ecclesiastical authority.

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