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  1. I fail to see how that video is insulting... Did I miss the scene where it shows the Al-Qaeda after party with all the terrorists high-fiving each other?

    It's insulting because it's a recreation of a historical moment?

  2. I only get problems when doing that. At least, with the girls. Somehow really every girl has opinions that actually are slightly communistic. Totally the opposite of my ideas usually. Whenever I do state my ideas they (the girls. The boys usually agree) tell me I'm immoral.. Just cause I think the state shouldn't cover our asses for everything and people should be responsible for their own lives and the fact that I think death sentence is justified at times.

    Whoa, slow down dude. There's your problem right there.

    Girls are not interested in hearing your political views.

  3. Okay, and humans don't engage in war for "sport" either.

    And MeL, the first thought that entered your mind when you noticed the dog was frightened of golf clubs was that he was trained to be a "fighting dog"?

    The last dog I had was frightened of vacuums and flashlights. Please enlighten me with your expert analysis.

  4. Antisemitism has persisted throughout Europe for centuries, long before Germany was even a country.

    A general dislike of the Jews was nothing new at all. Hitler just expanded on that dislike even further by using the time-tested method of using Jews as a scapegoat for society's troubles.

    Jews were even blamed for the Black Plague of Europe beginning in the 14th century.

  5. Not a fan of either but at least Hitler had an IQ. Bin Laden is just a bitch who has to resort to hiding in a cave while his retarded followers go out and do his dirty work for him.

    That by no means is a sign of ignorance. Bin Laden is the leader and thinking mind that holds the organization together.

    What would be the use in him acting in any attacks. He has the risk of being killed, and what happens then? Al-Qeada would be in complete disarray and would no longer have a force to lead it.

    No, I'm not advocating Bin Laden and his actions, but calling him stupid is a highly ignorant statement.

  6. I don't know why you people have this impression that animals are perfect creatures that only attack out of necessity.

    That's not true. Plenty of animals kill for sport. Have you ever seen a cat fuck around with a lizard to the point of death? Never heard a story about some kid walking down the street and getting attacked by a dog?

    Animals are just as ruthless as we are, they just lack the feeling of conscience that we as humans are used to. Above all though, they lack a driving force of individuality, which is evident only among higher intelligence forms.

    In fact, I just recently read a book called The Lucifer Principle which details the accounts of a certain species of gorillas who engage in absolute brutal fights among their rival groups. And when I say brutal, I mean deathly brutal. Bones protruding from the body, pools of blood, heads smashed against rocks, etc.

    And to top it off, once the dominating group has emerged victorious, they subdue the women of the rival tribe and actually kill the children. They will literally bash the babies skulls into rocks, and in some cases they'll even eat them. They do this because those infants and children are living remnants of the rival group's leader, and the only way to ensure their dominance is to put an end to that bloodline.

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