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  1. ok um...

    first off i don't use my old account anymore because i don't use that name anymore. i now go by either osiris. or Triad 1028

    i will check out the ambience skin.

    i did not forget the password to my old accout.

    no you cannot call me ginger pubes.

    yes i have changed since i've last been here (my personality isn't as immature but that doesn't mean i won't be spamming and i'm hotter)

    i had a chicken sandwhich for lunch today.

    and do i know you Asia Enthusiast? (name change perhaps?)

  2. yeah so i've decided to come back for a while and see what's up.

    so yeah, haven't posted here in almost a year.

    since the forums aren't very active and all i'll probably only post from time to time.

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