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  1. Well, I don't know any kind of that software. I can't help you. I'm sorry.
  2. Hi! How are you? I'm glad I can help you! Firstly, you have to find a original sound (I think it's in the folder "Audio") and then just replace a new the the old one.
  3. Hi! I'm glad I can help you. That happens because you have a pirate copy of the game. CD/DVD ain't OK. You have to get some other copy.
  4. Vozdra raja!Hi! I need a MapEditor. I already owned it and I know how to use it but I lost all copies of it! I don't where I can download it. On respectively FileFront link appears to be broken!Do you know where I can download it (adress or something)? Thanks!!!
  5. Thank you for help! But there is a problem. I replace the car right (with IMG 1.0) and I do everything like you said, but I when I start the game there is no anywhere that car. It is simple lost! (I replaced sabretur.txd and dff), and I typed "gettherefast"and cheat is activated but there is no anywhere a car!And game is slower,too. PLEEASE,HELP ME!!!
  6. Hi! I need help.How to mod GTA gameplay (VC,for example)? It's something about file "ped.pdf",csi,whatever.Is there any program/tool to mod it?I mean, how to change standing,walking,running? Please help.
  7. So,how's going with GTA LV?I can bet it's gonna be damn good.Good luck with it!
  8. hey Jessey,don't talk for me.I can talk,ok?Now, I'm not laughing at him,I'm glad he can make a map.And Big Ilir,thanks for offered help.
  9. Oh, very nice. You learned to make a map.Congratulations! Well, never mind. Forget the underground city. Thank you very much!
  10. OK.Then I'm gonna fuck out from here.
  11. Well, I'm good with adding new cars, subtitles, car names etc. I can make a map, but I'm not good with that. That means I'm not mapper. I' can't put new missions, I'don't know to edit script.I'm not a scripter.But subtitles, vehicles, neons, loading screens I' know well to edit. If you need help, I'm here.
  12. Hi, how ya doin"?I have a problem with modding VC. I want to put a new cars in game, and I know everything about that (IMG Tool,etc.). But, when I want to replace the old with new car, it says: "File is too big to replace XXX.txd/dff". What is problem here? Ooops, sorry I miss. My bad, but I still need help.
  13. Well, it isn"t too difficult, it just tkes much time. I made GTA Bosnia for 2 months. I put: -More than 60 vehicles -Changed unreal to real car and bike names -Made my own map (Hrasnica, my hood) -Neons for cars and bikes -Subtitles on bosnian language -Speedometer -CLEO Mods -Clothes (tank, jeans, glasses, shoes etc.) -Different mods like Car Saloon -Changed Loading screens -Put my own movie
  14. Look better at my message. I didn"t say that we won war. I said that they own more than half country. Why are you lying? I say: serbs are just blood-thirsty assholes and losers. They had everything. The whole kiling stuff. Yes, they own half country, BUT MY BOSNIA IS STILL ALIVE!!! I say, with that all stuff they you can beat half Europe, but they didn"t can win the that so small country. I mean, If you look at it as man you will see that they are ... (sorry for ugly rhymes) A, koji si ga ti?Ti mora da si srb koji živi u Hrvatskoj, jel de?
  15. Yugoslavia started to collapse because serbs were "kings" of everything. I mean everything was in their hands. Other countries saw they was used and than everything started to collapse. serbia didn"t want that and they attacked every country which wanted to "get out of Yugoslavia". But Serbia didn"t win any war. Bosnia wanted to get out of Yugoslavia, too and that finished bloody. War started in 1991. and bloody finished in 1995. Serbs didn"t win again, but they had everything: tanks, guns, all kinds of that killing stuff and they didn"t win, thanks to Bosnia army and America who sent planes,hidras (howewer), and thanks to America, Bosnia is still alive. I" repeating again: they had everything and they didn"t win. Our soldiers didn"t have anything; their equipment were bats, some knives and naked, bloody hands, and again, Serbs didn"t win. But I"cant tell that we won. Today they have more than half of our country!! And, MishoM, it ain"t half serbs,half muslims and half croatians. No, that"s not exactly. It is 25% croatians (croatian people), 25% muslim and 50% serbs.
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