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  1. damn..hoped for more missions...yeah did couple rampages, did fire truck, taxi, police but ambulance so hard...neway thnx everyone for ur help!! ^^
  2. ah hmm ah hmm? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeh i hav done keep ur friends close
  3. i've already done missions for them! after i completed their's no more missions
  4. yeh i got phone call from aunt and the guy that owns cafe..guy told me his havin a good time aunt told me that she hates me now...thats all
  5. supply lines? i never got a mission like that..i can't find a mission after torjan voodoo, which finishes the cuban and haitan as well as the aunt missions...duno where to go next
  6. i only like phnom penh over sir yes sir because umm because everytime i stole the tank, i'd go into an alleyway and go up this ramp and i couldn't find the lock-up haha got me very pissed...neway one go, i fell off the roof and found the loc-up just behin dme.. hehe
  7. LOL not jelly lol sowi umm the packets of somethin the aunt needs to cook with and the fbi or police think its drugs that one..so which is next mission? after i did the rifle missionm, i finished the haitans and cuban missions then waht
  8. i've done the phone missions, no more phone icons, umm, the aunty one i have where the packages u have to get umm the jelly or wateva lol and then the rifle one where u have to help out..i duno
  9. Umm..I see download files avaialble for San Andreas on Limewire and other downloading programs. How large is the file of the Game? Maybe that will help me find if they are true files or not..
  10. I've bought Print works, done mansion missions, boatyard, cherry poppers, sunshine autos, kaufman taxis, malibu club, are there any more?? hm.. i duno and the properties i've bought i've completed missions for...i've got two phone calls from the aunt and guy that owns the cafe but no missions still.. I also have got Pole position and spent $600
  11. Heya people..i need assisstance in finding which mission follows Trojan Voodoo, I have no contacts on my radar map that i can go to and i have received phone calls from 2 people following the completeion of 'Trojan Voodoo' but they have not given me any new missions or contacts i can go to...so where do i go?? i mean the game says i'm only 55% through the game yet i can't find any missions..plz help!!
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