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    SFM<br />TGP<br />ZONE<br />

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  1. Happy Birthday Mike ;)

  2. ah i really miss this guy, the one who thought me n00bish things XD

  3. lol, i forgot to greet Mike Subuzi happy birthday

  4. ah... the original founder of Subuzi Family Mafia

  5. I used to adore this guy lol.

  6. hey happy birthday!

  7. this is pointless, i dont know why i am writing a comment here...

  8. ^ Ex SFM gang member. < Was the Don. v Is sthe biggest spaz on this forum Bet this came as a surprsie didnt it
  9. They are some noobs such as tha og and i dont no and i dont care that should go to the training camp joey banned me so i made my own i will be training for the next two weeks . When i have finished i want to be less than 50% noob .
  10. I am going over to my noob forum to train i will be back in a couple of weeks when i have de-noobed myself .
  11. What are you on about ? he cant see me in person . Did you check out my site ?
  12. I remember now is it the 4-door vincent ? and is it black ? how much money do i get ?
  13. I dont know it was ages since i did it .
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