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  1. Quick question for the guys who have mastered weapons and prestiged. I'm on lvl 70 no prestige and planning on mastering the weapons I have close to mastery before prestiging, (even though I said I hate it, the game just feels stagnant if i don't). The thing I want to know is, if I prestige before mastering all weapons that can be mastered, will i lose the ability to get the pre prestige mastery emblems and titles or if i prestige and then go to master a weapon i didn't pre prestige, will i get both the pre and post prestige mastery emblems/titles? Just wanting to know because those are one of the reasons i am considering prestiging. Gives me something to do and the lack of them in COD4 is what probably turned me off prestiging. Plus it does get a bit boring having all weapons open to you some times and wish for a challenge. EDIT: Never mind, found this. Might help some of you guys and is just useful anyhow http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Callsigns
  2. Yeah it was me. Thought I'd send a request and have a few matches with you (when the beast is fixed)
  3. My PS3 has sharted itself. Whenever I turn it on it begins the regular boot up sequence for about 2-3 seconds then I hear 3 beeps and it shuts itself off with the red on/off light blinking. Read about it and I'm pretty sure mines FUBAR'd. Disappointing because it's a launch model and it was having a good run. When I got it in '07 it was under a Sony 12 month warranty but we bought 24 months extended on top of that so it should still be under warranty until August this year. Problem is when I take it to the store I got it from they tell me "You gotta ring this number and they will do it". So, annoyed I go "fair enough" and walk away. Ring the number and they say that "you gotta ring sony", to which I say "it's not under sony's warranty anymore, it's under yours" then I get the "we can't help you right now coz our computers are down, try this arvo or tomorrow morning". So, yeah. I'm getting fucked around in this 'I-don't-wanna-fix-it' circle jerk, when all I wanna do is go back to playing MW2 and pwning n00bs
  4. I've come SO close on multiple occasions with the nuke coming up to 24 kills and 23 kills with hardline pro before I get taken out. It's frustrating me I'm going to keep trying, just want to get it once, so I can say I have, then it's back to good old harrier, pavelow, ac 130 for Steve haha
  5. Cheers Chris, might try Chopper gunner. Used it a couple of times but didn't have much luck so I guess I gave up on it. Might give it another go and see how my Nuke comes along
  6. I'm level 66 atm and haven't prestiged. I don't really intend to prestige for the same reason as Bateman said, I don't need the little icon to know I'm good. To me it's just a headache prestiging(sp?), Having the weapons and everything I have earned to continue raising my K/D ratio and increase my score means more to me than the little icon. My K/D ratio is about 1.62 I think and it was around 1.10 a few weeks ago. I love my ACR w/ greande launcher, I haul arse with it. The killstreaks I have been toyign with are Harriers, Pavelow, AC 130. Those net me a fairly high number of kills each match. I also go with Sentry Gun, Pave low, AC 130, that beast got me a 36 - 1 killstreak which was awesome. I consistently have high scoring matches, in the 20's or higher. So after I had a run of a few 25 or greater killstreaks I thought I'd give the nuke a go. So now my killstreaks are harriers, pavelow and nuke. I am yet to get the nuke but I'm close, I keep getting taken out just before I'm about to get it GRRR!
  7. I've found my dream class/killstreak setting atm. ACR w/ greande launcher Scavenger Pro Hardline Pro Scrambler Pro Sentry Gun Pave low AC130 This bad boy got me a 36 - 1 score on Karachi! Was so damn happy
  8. Gosh Darn this is quite enjoyable to watch
  9. Sure its weird and fucked up, but what can you do? The only thing I can say against it would be is the child going to receive the proper nutrients as they would from the mother? Men and women vary greatly in biological aspects and this is one of those things which could be detrimental to the child... but then again it may work out nicely. Men have a hell of a lot of testosterone in their system compared to women, so how would this effect the milk he is intending on giving his child?
  10. Not too bad mate. Been really busy with the missus, school and work. How bout you?

  11. you're back that's great, more flaming again :) how you doing?

  12. Husky talking about someone else's level of fail is humorous to me.....
  13. Says the guy who kept it going long after it wasn't funny anymore.....
  14. Purchasing pizza from the food court and walking it around the mall doesn't count as a date.... or does it?
  15. This is getting old and annoying now.....
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