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  1. the russos mafia

    my name is each and im the co-leader of the russos mafia we are huge 100 members along with 5 allied clans which brings it to 300 members if u would like to join message me and ill fill u in on the rest as this is an introduction. my gammertag is eachantiraghav
  2. TGTAP USA/Canada Clan [360]

    guys im from the russos mafia hit me up if ur lookin for a match or want to set something up my gammertag is eachantiraghav
  3. C.O.C.K. Now recruiting

    hey whne ur interested for a match contact me my gt is eachantiraghav im with the russos mafia which is 100members strong and allied with 4 clans =around 300 members so tell me when ur ready or u could merge and oh yeah message me on xbox cuz i never on the clan sites ..
  4. Start a gta IV clan on 360

    u have 5 members correct when u have enough contact me for a clan match oru could merge my gt is eachantiraghav and im with the russos mafia 100 members 5 allied clan totaling around 300 members = a whole lot of whop ass