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  1. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    gambling places like SA
  2. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    roller coasters, farris wheels, go-cart tracks, bumber car tracts, mini golf games, card games that was in lost and damned...gta 5 character and pedestrians can ride/play these
  3. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    safe house garages (like SA) but able to buy stuff for car and service car in garage (replacing tires, work under the car like oil changing, and more) actual/real mud that can be splashed on cars (not dirt) able to mow the grass
  4. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I like everything except 10 because what if your doing a mission and during the mission you run out of gas and your being shot at?
  5. James B

    Out of Commision

    i know, i just can't get him up inside
  6. James B

    Out of Commision

    I just gave up on the last mission after the 200th time and started a new game file......I wish rockstar didn't make it so hard to get into the copter
  7. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    If there are planes for GTA 5, what about those planes that carry cars?
  8. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Monster Trucks--like in SA Quad Bikes (4-Wheelers)--like in SA Mower--like in SA Kart--like in SA Bicycles--like in SA Tractor--like in SA Simi-Trucks (able to attach and detach trailers with a push of a button) Customize any vehicles Buy houses--like in SA (but alot more with unlimited parking spaces and able to use parking lots to store Vehicles) Buy vehicles Customize/decorate houses Able to rob houses again--like in SA Jetpacks--like in SA Parachuts--like in SA Able to pilot planes again--like in SA Buy airplane tickets--like in SA Ride as passenger in any car (friend's car, g/f's car, limo, hitch hikde a ride) Taxi missions--like in SA Alot more clothing stores than GTA IV Alot more buildings to enter/explore than GTA IV More side missions Trolly--like in SA (but able to ride them) If arrested, be put into a police car (like real life) Racecars--like in SA Able to customize your characters (weight, muscle, hair, skin color, height, eye color, hair color customizing)
  9. James B

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    lots of clothing stores, same number of safe houses that are in San Andreas (or more) with garages, tons of parking spaces to save cars, able to buy a WIDE selection of car parts and build your own in-game custom car, more tv shows avlible on tvs, laptops in every safe house, infernus not so rare to find (same with any other car), more family members than a cousin in game, lot more mini-games to play, car washes in every city (island), lots of places to enter
  10. James B

    Out of Commision

    keep tring after 100+ times??
  11. James B

    Downloadable Content Wishlist

    able to use parking lots to save cars
  12. James B

    Out of Commision

    I've tried this mission 100+ times with fail, I've also tried everything that was suggested to me but with fail I just can't get Niko to get into the copter he always falls I was thinking that GTA SA last mission wasn't this hard ETIT: If anyone lives in Wichita, Kansas...I'd be willing to meet you with my Xbox 360 HD and have you beat the mission for me
  13. James B

    Help with buying a tie

    tie comes with suit
  14. James B

    What mission are you currently at?

    Out of Commision (I can't beat it, tried 100+ times with fail)
  15. James B


    Is there only 1 swing set in the game?