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  1. Chencho

    GTA IRAC or afganistan

    You just want to start a fight don't you? see you the one's that start then you're blaming me? you need people like me so you could point your fingers and say that's the bad guy. what that makes you good? you aint good you just know how to hide. how to lie.
  2. Chencho

    Big Community Thread

    Judging by your posts and how you are CONSTANTLY attacking us for NOTHING to try to make yourself feel better, I'd bet you haven't even SEEN pussy. You seem to enjoy going into topics and COMPLAINING about people posting ABOUT THE TOPIC. That's what this topic is about, posting about your life. OBVIOUSLY, you don't have one. Dude, shut the gently caress up your calling me lifeless?? your the one that has 5,111 frolicking posts and in all of them your frolicking fighting with your senseless SARCASTIC frolicking replys your very frolicking sarcastic so dont be frolicking talking shit before i kick your frolicking monkey ass lifeless bastard piece of shit and I have seen pussy it was your moms
  3. Chencho

    Transfender Glitch

    Yeah it happen to mean twice I could change the colors while moving and but you cant see your car when you move it all the way to the other side so yeah it has happen to me too
  4. Chencho

    Graphic Texture problems for sa

    no one cares i just read the first sentence and i got bored and i stop, so please do me a favor and stop posting random ignorant self-center post
  5. shut up skullraider you just want to pick a fight cause you dont got anything better to do
  6. Chencho

    GTA in the borders

    yeh thats a kool city but im sure rockstar north will decide to do city outside or america more asia and europe are the most likely im bettin (and im betting my xbox 360 when i get it) What the gently caress is your problem??? Your just a self-center ignorant prick all you want is for GTA to be in London and there is no frolicking proof that GTA is going to be there let the people say what they want nobody wants to hear your stupid london crap so SHUT THE gently caress UP
  7. I want mine to be a hillbilly.what about you? No profanity in topics - Thanks. -SkY
  8. Pick any song you would like I would like the song 50 cent "wanksta
  9. well if you GTA wants to make a great game why not make it in the most dangerous city bagdad you could wear the dresses and the flipflops and the cool hats and the long beards it be awesome!!!!
  10. Chencho

    Gta Houston!?!?

    But houston is a bunch of gay people if they should do a city they should do the most dangerous city in the u.s. Laredo
  11. Chencho

    side characters

    Tommy Vercetti?? No, if you really think about it.. the guy kill like a really big mafia boss; and probaly after sonny forelli was killed the mafia came to kill Tommy Vercetti the next day or something.
  12. Chencho

    GTA in the borders

    why does it suck??? London sucks it's nothing but a bunch of nice french people there are more crimes in mexico and the storyline will be way better than in stupid london
  13. It can be based on a city that's in the U.S. but it's next to Mexico where most of the crime and mexican cartels are at. right?
  14. Chencho

    Possible Titles

    Or It can be set in the 1950's when Salvatore Leone was poor and he has to make his way up to get in to the Mafia business
  15. Chencho

    Possible Titles

    I know what's going to happen the gta psp is going to be set again in Liberty City the main character will be Tommy Vercetti when he was 21 just one year before going to prison, Sonny Forreli will be his boss and other characters such as Salvatore Leone and also Tony Cipriani is going to come out as a 15 year old kid