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  1. I'm dont know what kind of plastic its made of buts its really elastic in nature. I couldn't get it crack in half. I remember years ago the CD's and DVD's would crack in half and shatter and possible injury you with flying shards. They must of changed the plastic they use. I was wearing saftey goggles while I did this but guess I didn't need them.
  2. Glad to see you agree . You know after playing this Godfather 2, I appreciate more the fine work Rockstar put into GTA 4 Liberty City. I just can't bare to play Godfather 2 even after paying $60 for it after playing GTA 4 becuase I'm used to the fine details and graphics of gta 4. Playing Godfather 2 is like going back a lightyear, I think GTA 3 actually was better graphics then Godfather 2 Game. I probably will never buy a Electronic Arts game either again. I'm going to record myself sometime taking the Godfather 2 game DVD and break it and half , upload it to youtube.
  3. Your PC case is awesome. Where and how do you get it?

  4. So I seen all these cool hyped up previews of Godfather II a few months, and decided to buy it at EB Games on a impulse buy. What I was expecting.. I was expecting when I went to play it a well rendered graphics like GTA 4 or something. When I turned it on, the first few moments I got to drive around. It felt like the game was unfinished.. The graphics are Blocky, amaterish, looks terrible. The graphics looks one of those lame 3D cartoon like would you catch on Tv when you were 7 years old a long ages ago back in the 90's. Damn. I'm never buying a EA Game again! What a waste of $60. And htere is so many bugs in the game. The Cars dont even take damage, all they do is smoke and you can smash the windows out of them... You know what it looks like to me is they got the "The sims" developers working on this and had them make because the graphics look like the "The Sims 2", I know I played Dead Space which was by EA games and it was a masterpiece of game hihgly fun. But one too many bad apples from EA games. I really pissed that would realise the game in that state and charge me $60 for it. The graphics are subpar and look unfinished and collisions too are lame, if you just touch a person with your car they go flying and die. But in GTA 4 a person for example will put there hand outs on the hood and they will react realisiticly to how much force you driving into them.. So this game gets a 2/10 from me. Its a turd. I played it 1 hour and got bored of it. That was a expensive $60 hour.
  5. That is seriously disturbing. Says something about Sacrifice, to ward off evil spirits. But doesn't surprise me, some of those "3rd world" are superstitious, uneducated and follow barbaric cultural influences, not fit for a civilized culture like the west. Thats why its so shocking for most us. Btw steveplayer your right there is a thing called Blood & Bone Meal. Which I use in my garden. The blood and bones are collected from animal slaughter houses. The Blood contains Nitrogen, which is part of the N-P-K that plants need. Nitrogen helps plant develop leaves, or the green parts of the plant. Corn really loves blood meal as its a high nitrogen feeder, but they use Ammonium Nitrate in commercial farms, not blood meal. But its fine for home gardens, you can find it the any dept stores in the garden section. Bone meal has Calcium and Phosphate (P) which plants need during there "Flowering" cycle it also helps prevent things like Blossom end rot in tomatoes. (k) is potassium, which helps regulate the plants overwell being.
  6. Well I never claimed it was invulnerable to all damage but the truck will take damage from road collisions.
  7. Okay yeah so this mission where you have this chick that is the daughter of Ancelatie (I didn't spell that right I know). I'm supposed to pick her up at this safe house and drive her somewhere. I entered this room where she was previously gagged on a chair. She was not in the room.. Maby she was outside. So I turn around to go outside and the door is locked.. Here is video of this devastating glitch, becuase now I have to reload my last save which was few missions back.
  8. If you pay attention you'll notice That video mocks GTA IV on several things, like the taxi he says "I wanted to go into the cab, not jack him". lol Pretty funny.
  9. because i too am a webmaster and i wouldnt want people using ad blockers on my website, so i dont use ad blockers on certain sites I'm a webmaster too and wouldn't like it either. Okay.
  10. Funky PC you got there.

  11. Yes it is. The front cage of the Engine is the only is only thing is not bullet proof. I know because I took a Securicar and parked in way that they only could shoot the back and sides, I sat there for about 10 minutes while a Noose Squad shot their M4's repeatly into the truck and it did nothing. Also your right about the backdoors. If there open, you can get shot from inside the truck. If there closed then your safe, all the windows are bullet proof also.
  12. Wow this thread exploded with alot of replies. Adblocker though is something I would refuse to use. I dont have a problem with Ads, just ads that piss me off. lol
  13. The 9800GT is not mid-range. It's better than the 8600GT, which is the reccomended requirement and will run the game fine at medium settings. The 9800GT is about equivalent to my graphics card, an ATi 3850, which runs the game absolutely fine. The fact that he has 1gb of video memory is an added bonus. Well, it really qualifies as mid-range for new cards, because there are many worse cards, (e.g. ATI Radeon 3450, NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT, etc.) and there are many better cards. (e.g., NVIDIA GTX-Series, NVIDIA 9800GTX, ATI 4 Series) haha, after all your arguing bout my card being shitty, i got a phenom quad 2.7 GHzcpu instead of my xeon quad, now my game runs at 47-55 fps on most things highest, with the exception of texture quality, shadow density and vehicle density, so my card is more than good for this game, it was my cpu's fault Glad it worked out. Xeon is actually a Server Processor, (Meant for the Datacenter market in Web servers). You can see that here, https://www.theplanet.com/servers/ and notice its all Xeon processors. It really it meant for Workstations or Servers, not Gaming. So I'm not surprised.
  14. I think you need Vista. Windows XP wont work becuase it doesn't have Direct X 10.
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