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    GTA SA Christmas mod

    hi im new and im looking for some christmas mods so if anyone has some post them i allready hsve a SF christmas tree mod oh and does anyone have the messed up Cj mod?? like this one http://video.aol.com/video-detail/gta-san-...cid=VIDURVCOM12 SHIT! I SHOULD OF FUCKING BTACKED UP THAT FILE FUCK I FUCKED UP ON A MOD SO NOW I NEED cutscene.img
  2. BoomBoom

    GTA SA Christmas mod

    Yeah, it should've been a good Idea to back up. Anyway, yes the file you need. It would be an Idea to reinstall the game, your save games will remain. If someone doesn't supply you with the file ofcourse, you should then reinstall it. Wait a few days first though.
  3. BoomBoom

    CLEO wont work for me..

    hello me again i have a GTA SA v2 with a v1 patch so now i have a v1 but the problem is that when i put the CLEO floder in gta sa folder the game will not load up i take the folder out and it loads help me plaease?
  4. BoomBoom

    San Andreas Thanksgiving Day Parade

    hey man epic mod. well i have a problem..i cant seem to find the flatbeds! i check every airport LS SF LV all of them.. no luck so i use a trainer no float can you help me??