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  1. Again like I said I'm sorry for you and Chris and anyone else that feels like that but know that your like one of maybe 20 people in the whole community that thought poorly enough of what I did to actually say something! Plus fuckoff is easy to say... watch: fuckoff connor! and again it's your opinion that it's just a hobby and your opinion does not matter to me!! I'm 29 years old and i know the difference between a hobby and a job and it's not a job but it's become way more than something that i just do for myself for fun... I know what the world really is and when you grow up you'll see it too... When you make 155 mods then tell me what you would do! I removed them because that was the agreement If I ever left my mods come with me they are mine after all and why keep them here anyways you all think i'm such an asshole why do you want them here anyway!
  2. OK so all you want is me to say i'm sorry..... OK I'm sorry, I'm sorry to chris that he lost 7 pages of mods, i'm sry to my fans that think asking for donations is wrong, I'm sorry for concidering what I do as more than just a hobby, and I'm sorry that when I left gtagaming that I didn't just make my own website to begin with. My site is making me alot happier than I was before and is turning out to look pretty sweet for being made by a guy that has never built a website before!
  3. Untill you walk a day in my shoes you should keep your negitive comments to yourself! I'm not dead I just left the site I can still see what your sayin. I have worked harder than any gta modder that I know of and everyone took what I was asking for and turned it into i'm some asshole, begger, who throws fits and is too poor to buy a new pc just to mod for free (because modding gta4 is the only reason I would need one.) Only reason I left thegtaplace was because I was tired of posting stuff in the news just to have it removed. And the only reason I was removing my mod files the way I was is because i was pissed and had no access needed to remove them properly plus i was tring to show how much it upset me that my post was removed in the first place when what i was doing was not against any RULES (same as the shit that happened in GTAF) and to show the admins here how upset i was that i'm forced to conform to the rules made up by the other admins on this site... I have my own website now that I control and I just think its better that way for everyone. If you wanna check it out go to GTA For Life If you just wanna hate on me more then please don't bother. I spent all day on it and all that is left to do is to finish hosting and posting about 148 mods that I didn't have time for after spending the whole day creating the site. And to all of you that still support me and supported me through this cluster fuck of confusion you all deserve a cookie.... Hell make it a bag of cookies...
  4. Cause Chris Moved his topic from announcements to general GTA

  5. Damnit dude! Why!? =(

  6. Nice one mate. Enjoy your next GTA site as much as you did TGTAP and GTAGaming.

  7. It's people like you and Huckleberry Pie that make staying around worth it! Without people like you i'd be nothing! And as for system specs i'm afraid to tell.... (it's like sleeping with a fat girl and then telling all about it after the party when everyone thought that you took that little dime home!) i have a nvidia 7300gt with 512 mb ram and a pentinum 4 chip in my motherboard with 1 gig ram. I know slow dino for this time and age but it's all i got. And nvidias new gta4 drivers crash my graphics card it's lame but what can you do. for me to continue modding the next gen gta game i need a newer system and thats all there is too it. I feel bad asking for help but i can't afford whats needed to keep making free mods and selling them is illegal.
  8. To me, you're the best modder ever... God Bless and keep up the good work... = )

  9. Now if only evryone was as cool as you! You should see how people are reacting in the www.gtaforums.com O.o.... See the maddness here! GTAF seems to be like a 4chan of sorts in my opinion; the modders there have made epic history, but some of the members there are like total nimwits or just trolls who don't care about manners. They're no different from those haters and flamers at Youtube who waste their time bashing people's videos or comments... I completely agree and after 155 posts in 2 hr over there i was locked by some dumb fuck moderator who said i broke forum rules..... I NEVER BROKE ANY RULES and I hope to god Chris sees this for what it is and not me just begging for money like a bum! I work so hard creating stupid fucking mods for this damn community and when I finally ask for some help I get shit on.
  10. POKE hey Rappo long time no see and why not be on the main page I've done alot for everyone and now when I ask for a little help with my PC issues everyone freaks out lol. Money is hard to come by in this economy expecially for a starvin artist like myself. Besides it's no different than a GTA site asking for donations to pay for servers and bandwith right?
  11. I'm not askng for donations for the 155+ mods that I have made I'm asking for donations so that I can make more mods!
  12. Now if only evryone was as cool as you! You should see how people are reacting in the www.gtaforums.com O.o.... See the maddness here!
  13. With GTA IV out now for PC and with modifications to the game already hitting the community, I have been extremely excited about all of the modding possibility's that will be available with this version of the game that are just not possible on the console versions. It has caused me want to be involved more than ever in making mods for everyone looking for something new and exciting to experience in their PC version of GTA IV. As one of the biggest GTA modders on the scene with millions of downloads, my mods on almost every GTA fan site out there, modifications in at least 3 major magazines that I know of and my GTA mods being used in every country in the world, I have come to the point in my career that I must ask you the GTA community that I love for some support. I recently got a copy of GTA IV for PC so that I too could again start bringing all of you more amazing and creative mods by Switch Designs. However I have discovered that my PC is not going to be able to ever run the game well enough to play let alone to even work slightly enough to modify this game, test my modifications, make preview shots or really to do anything worth a crap with it. I NEED A NEW PC! As a modder who has done everything that I have for this community for free for many years I could now use a little help getting a new machine so that I can continue to provide all of you with the great GTA modifications you love and expect from me! With over a million downloads of my mods and millions of fans around the world I figure that if I could even get half of one percent of you to donate even just 1$ to my Pay pal account that I would have enough money to buy the most awesome modding machine ever. By clicking the banner below you can help me to keep providing you and the community with awesome modifications for the ever expanding GTA series and you can feel good knowing that your support made this world a little bit more fun! If you are a part of a GTA fan site and would like to show your support by posting this banner on your web page that would be much appreciated and the html code can be found here!
  14. And to give thanks to all the blessings the Lord God gave to us... Anyway, nice mod, Switch, this is quite epic... I thought it was just about the Pilgrims and Indians and stuff. Well, that's also the point of celebrating it... See the indians saved some british people who came to America to find some land of their own and they were unprepared and were gonna starve to death one winter until the native people of the land, the indians saved the unprepared british people and showed them how to grow food and gave them food and shelter and warmth. Then when the british were better prepared thanks to the indians they killed alot of the indians and stole their land. Then way in the future the british people now calling them selfs Americans gave some of the left over indians some of their land back so they could build casinos... IE: CASINOS are what we are celebrating! WooT casinos!
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